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Feeling V stupid and really scared

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Bondwife Sun 11-Oct-09 13:19:55

Im 14 weeks and I fell over yesterday morning whilst walking the dog - managed to land on my back on a grass slope and winded myself and jared my back.

Went to A&E and the Dr there was lovely - he kept stressing that he wasnt a midwife and not specially trained to use the equiptment but put the heart beat monitor on to reasure me - there was no heartbeat heard - he kept stressing that it could be that he wasnt looking in the right place - he also said that the baby could be 'hiding' behind my pelvic bone and therefore couldnt be heard.
He phoned the EPU who wont see me before Wednesday morning, as Im not bleeding Im apparently not a priority.

Hubby is trying to be reasuring he keeps saying that a child of our is far to stuborn to go anywhere - but I cant relax, sleep or stop crying.

I feel so stupid for even trying to walk the dog that way when I know its slippery in the rain - I feel so stupid and I feel that Ive not only let hubby down but baby too.

pasturesnew Sun 11-Oct-09 13:25:22

Not a doctor or anything but I honestly think if you landed on your back it should be fine, at 14 weeks a baby's heartbeat is difficult to find with a doppler monitor anyway. I am sure there are other threads in the "Pregnancy" topic where other people have had similar accidents and been fine. Please try to rest up well until Wednesday, hope the EPU will be able to reassure you then.

Diege Sun 11-Oct-09 13:25:35

Hi BOND, please don't panic. My midwife won't even try to find the hb until 16 weeks and swears that most dr's won't even find it then. I'm sure everything is fine. Baby is well cushioned by the amniotic fluid etc and won't have even registered your fall!

starwhoreswonaprize Sun 11-Oct-09 13:32:40

MW's now don't look until you're further on to avoid this disappointment and worry.

Your baby is very well protected and so tiny there's loads of room for it to float around risk free. Remember athletes don't even slow down training at this early stage.

differentnameforthis Sun 11-Oct-09 13:32:46

Seeing as you fell backwards baby should be well protected. There are lots of reasons that dr couldn't find the heartbeat, try not to worry too much!

yada Sun 11-Oct-09 13:33:40

i had this once beofre when i was 10 weeks, started bleeding really heavily one night, so much so that i was taken by ambulance to a&e and kept in overnight.

the doctor on duty tried scanning me to see if baby was ok but could not see anything and i spend the whole night hysterical convinced i had lost my baby.

the next day when i was scanned by the right person she found the baby kicking about within seconds, please try not to think the worst.

ShowOfHands Sun 11-Oct-09 13:40:05

Oh I know you're worried but you have so little reason to be. They don't start to look for the hb until 16 weeks for a reason. The baby is tucked well behind your pubic bone, floating in a lot of water. It's highly unlikely that your baby has suffered At All from a slight fall backwards.

I know it's hard to relax but please try to. If you started a thread on here asking if anybody had fallen/banged their bumps etc they'd be queueing up to say yes and to reassure you that the baby was fine.

I was knocked down by a bike, sprained my wrist and shoulder and bruised my side and hip. Baby was fine. The doctor I saw was very nice and said that it was very hard to do any damage at that stage and said it would take a sharp implement piercing the bump for any real damage to be done.

Sallyallyally Sun 11-Oct-09 13:45:48

Hello, I know you will worry until you have the scan..and to be honest you could prob phone up your early pregnancy unit tomorrow and say you are worried and would they see you today. (Monday). Most will oblige. However, and I am a midwife btw, it is very common not to find a heartbeat at 14 weeks, especially an a&e dr who prob doesn't have much experience in that field. A 14 wk fetus is well protected and it takes an awful lot more to upset them, far more than a tumble. (If they were that fragile then unwanted pregnancies would be simple to end to be blunt.).
However getting overly stressed will not help, so calm yourself down, give your DH a hug and spend the rest of the day feet up, with a good magazine in front of the telly eating lovely snacks. It will all be absolutely fine.

Bondwife Sun 11-Oct-09 13:58:13

Thanks everyone - I feel much better already

I will continue to lie on sofa, keep feet up and watch junk TV as per hubby's instructions.

Comma2 Sun 11-Oct-09 15:40:06

I was in a car accident with 20 something weeks, got whiplash and belt cross the belly but it wasn't a problem for baby. Don't worry, really. Baby is well protected.

Bondwife Mon 12-Oct-09 09:06:38

Hi Guys - thank you for your kind words yesterday they ment alot, I really was a mess.

Hubby put his foot down and took me back to A&E last night as the low abdo pain wasn't getting any better - the outcome was he spoke to the Dr and said he thought most of it was worry about not hearing the heart beat (prob true) and he didnt want me stressing out anymore than I had to. The Dr was lovely and suggested getting someone from Gyne down to look at me as the EPU wouldnt budge on getting me in any earlier for a scan. The Gyne Dr not only located the baby within about 1 min with the heart monitor, but was extemely impressed that she could monitor such a loud, strong beat (mine was 70, babies was 144). I cried loads and actually came home, ate and slept.

Still under orders not to move of sofa or out of bed until scan but wanted to thank you guys for all your help yesterday x

suiledonne Mon 12-Oct-09 09:20:44

Glad to hear your heard your little one's heartbeat. When I was about 14 weeks pregnant with dd2 I had a bad fall in town one day - came down hard on to my front.

I was a nervous wreck about hurting the baby too but she is now a happy, healthy 11 month old grin

Best of luck.

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