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24 weeks couple of health questions - advice needed

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mummytopebs Sat 10-Oct-09 18:37:15

This week my bump has started feeling really heavy is this normal cos i cant remember it bein like this with my previous pregnancy?

Also keep wakeing in the night with a horrendous pain in my left calf muscle it was so painful last night i cried. Think it must be the muscle spasming but it goes completly dead and massive pain, i have to lift my leg out of bed to put it on the floor, then the pain eases slowly- Anyone else got anything similar to this?

gemstones Sat 10-Oct-09 18:49:49


Im 24 wks aswell and i was only saying to DH just today how heavy and uncomfortable im already starting to feel (this is 3rd DC), and lastnight was the first night ive had trouble getting to sleep because feeling so bloody uncomfortable.
God knows how im going to get through the next few months!

It sounds like you've been getting cramp, which is something ive been getting for a few weeks now. Ive heard bananas is good for cramp but im not 100% sure.

Good luck with rest of pregnancy!

DianaTibble Sat 10-Oct-09 19:17:56

I believe a banana and a glass of milk a day try it and see!

peanutbutterkid Sat 10-Oct-09 19:25:59

Lots of walking is good for leg cramp, I found.

maybebaby23 Sat 10-Oct-09 19:29:53

I get cramp too! Am i a massive wimp or is it just horrendous??!! It has me literally screaming and rolling around, DF has said he first thought i was giving birth one time blush One think i just cant cope with is cramp blush

mummytopebs Sat 10-Oct-09 19:46:51

Suppose it must be cramp i wa\s screaming lst night to, it was absolutly killing. I will try the milk and banana see if that helps x

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