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Comfortable maternity bra - does it exist?

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Issy42 Sat 10-Oct-09 18:23:50

I seem to be measuring a different size in every shop and none of the bras are comfortable. The only thing I've found that is is La Senza's sports bra, but I've outgrown their biggest size now (they only go to 34DD). I don't live near London so Rigby and Peller is not an option. I've also struggled to find maternity bras that are smooth enough to wear under the stretchy fabric that most maternity wear is made from. Has anyone found a comfortable bra or somewhere on the high street that fits bras properly?

MrsJamin Sat 10-Oct-09 18:27:15

I know I know! I've just changed to a Hotmilk bra - it is SO comfortable and pretty and leaves you with a nice shape too I got it from, they had really good prices and sent it really quickly.

Issy42 Sat 10-Oct-09 18:52:01

Thanks MrsJ, I'll check that out. Can I ask how you worked out your size? Did you use your actual ribcage measurement or do the adding on 4 or 5 inches thing? Pre-pregnancy I always bought my actual ribcage measurement but that would still make me a 32 and I'm already finding my 34's uncomfortable.

Ronaldinhio Sat 10-Oct-09 18:54:25

anita underwired mat bra

hellsbelles Sat 10-Oct-09 18:57:57

Issy - it's pretty ugly but the only one I found comfortable and supportive throughout my pregnancy (and I use it as a nursing bra) is the Bravado original basic bra double plus (here's a link but loads of places sell it - scroll down for the different styles)

Also it gives a good line under clothes!

preggersplayspop Sat 10-Oct-09 19:05:30

I have some of the Mothercare nursing T shirt bras which are lightly padded and very plain - you can't see them under even very fitted maternity tops. Mothercare will measure you to make sure you are in the right size.

doughnutty Sat 10-Oct-09 19:18:23

Try M&S Total Support, which are non wired, rather than their maternity bras which don't give as much support. Huge range of sizes so you should find a good fit. Not the prettiest but so comfortable.

woodhj Sat 10-Oct-09 20:33:27

Yes they do M&S but your boobs and bump start to merge into one and you look like Mrs Doubtfire! Lovely x x

MrsJamin Sat 10-Oct-09 22:26:06

Issy42, I just went on my normal size but as it has 6 sets of hook settings at the back, it's basically your size+ extra. so I'm normally a 32 but probably a 34 now (17 wks gone). The best thing about them is that the maternity bras have nursing straps so you don't need two separate sets of bras, makes the price seem not so high as you can use it for longer. Hopefully i'll be back to 32 once nursing so it's worth getting a bra that can vary in size.

holytoast Sun 11-Oct-09 10:24:25

I bought a bravado bra, plus two m&s maernity bras - the bravado is comfy, and smooth under clothes, but I think the problem is when you start getting to my size (32H originally - god knows what now, and only 12 weeks!) then all bras seem to just make a huge monoboob out of my previously fantastic, two boob, rack....

m and s maternity - the idiot girl tried to tell me I needed a 38 back - so they hitch right up my backand give hardly any support - but good for sleeping in, as thats when I ind I need the support - anyone else have norks that act as an alarm clock every time you move? lovely!

Sorry cant be of more help, but if you are samller, the bravado does seem good - very stretchy so would last, and for nursing too.

Issy42 Sun 11-Oct-09 17:28:51

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I'll check out the Bravado, hotmilk and anita ones. Anyone know where you can get these other than online as I'd prefer to try on?

I have got one of the mothercare t-shirt bras (but the maternity not the nursing one) and it is the most uncomfortable of the ones I have. I think that's because it's the wrong size so, like M&S, a lot depends on who you get doing the measuring. I also tried on one of the M&S total support ones last week but it cut in under my arm and the seams looked 'bumpy' under my top.

Holytoast - I had the sore boobs issue in the first tri too. It does get better, I even sleep the odd night without a sleeping bra on now. I really like my Mothercare sleeping bras - they're a bit like a crop top so I wasn't convinced it would help but it does. I only started out a 32DD though so might not be supportive enough for you.

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