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low placenta

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happyfaceschildcare Fri 09-Oct-09 14:01:38

Anyone else had this ? what are the chances of it moving if at all ?
I'm 24 weeks pregnant, had my scan last week and they told me the placenta is low and I have to have another scan at 32 weeks before they'll decide anything, but that was all they'd tell me really, have a midwife appt next week so will ask her more questions but just wondered if anyone else has experience of this and what happened ?

woowa Fri 09-Oct-09 16:15:08

i'm 22 weeks and have low placenta, which, like you, they're going to check at next scan. They said that in 90% of cases it rises anyway so they weren't very worried -which is probably why they didn't say much more to you. I asked on MN whether a low placenta (if it does stay low) automatically means a caesarean delivery, but all the answers came back, No, unless it is covering the exit hole.

Sorry I'm not an expert! But i hope that helps. Your placenta (and mine!) could do anything between now and the next scan, so best not to worry about it now.

messylittlemonkey Fri 09-Oct-09 17:07:57

Hi there

I had this with my first pg.

Showed at 20 week scan. Seem to remember going back about five or six weeks later and, as predicted, it had moved up and was no longer low! I think it's quite common and even if it hasn't moved by the nest time you go, it might still move after that. Plenty of time, please don't worry!


madmissy Fri 09-Oct-09 17:11:59

i am having my growth scan on the 19th
was fine at both my 12 and 20 wk nhs scan but was seen to be low and a concern at a 4d one 2 weeks ago! so we will see lol

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