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yay............20 week scan was yesterday!

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happyatlast Fri 09-Oct-09 10:53:37

Hello everyone!!!

I went for my 20 week scan yesterday and found out that I am having a girl!!! Just what I wanted!!! Am so happy!

The pressure was on though so am relieved its over, everyone in my family wanted me to have a girl and everyone in my dp's family wanted a girl so I was under a significant amount of pressure to produce a girl!!

Job done anyway so wahey to me!!

BunnyLebowski Fri 09-Oct-09 10:58:28

Ah Congratulations!!!

Although you shouldn't have been feeling pressurised from anyone. Your families sound more than a bit hmm.

Any names chosen for your lil lady?

StealthPolarBear Fri 09-Oct-09 10:59:43

Why was it so important to everyone that it was a girl? Bit worrying!

happyatlast Fri 09-Oct-09 11:07:49

Well no it wasnt like that, like they wouldnt have been devastated if it were a boy, its just my mum wanted a girl so she had 3 granddaughters to match her 3 grandsons.

My dp preferred a girl but would have been absolutely fine if it were a boy and my dp's mum wanted a girl cos she already has a grandson from one of her sons, she herself has 3 boys and there just isnt many females in the family, so you know it wasnt really bad pressure, but you know what its like, I would have felt like everyone would have been thinkin oh well, at least its healthy had it turned out to be a boy!

They certainly wouldnt have been angry if it had been a boy!!

Also my daughter wanted a sister!

The only person who wanted a boy was my son, he wanted a little brother, so hes a bit upset, but as I pointed out, I didnt want another little man, he is my one and only little man! He seemed to accept that!!

I'm calling her Brooke. grin

Pinkjenny Fri 09-Oct-09 11:08:52


happyatlast Fri 09-Oct-09 11:16:47

Pinkjenny?? What seems to be the problem??

Pinkjenny Fri 09-Oct-09 11:17:56

Just projecting. Ignore. Congratulations.

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