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Feeling so sorry for myself...

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LissyGlitter Fri 09-Oct-09 03:36:04

I am just full of aches and pains. I somehow strained my legs waddling after a bus two days ago, and now the pain has spread to shoot up into my bits. I feel sick and bloated and full of gas. I can't sleep. My head hurts. I'm 34 weeks and feeling so utterly miserable

I just want my mum to come and hug me and tell me I'll be ok, but she is at the other side of the country and is only visiting after the baby is born. I'm sat here with a microwave heat bag on my crotch, in tears.

I want the baby to be here now, but the birth of DD was so horrible, I am also petrified of another premature labour (I was refused any pain relief except gas and air as she was 4 weeks early, and it was only at 10cm that they said I was in established labour, but she was breech, so emergency section, followed by complications) I should be getting a section this time, because of the complications (I apparently have a 9% chance of rupture), but the midwives keep saying that I should try VBAC as if I haven't looked into it at all, so I am worried they may try to fob me off if I go into labour, just like they tried to persuade me I wasn't in labour last time (waters breaking to 10cm in 14 hours seems like a pretty obvious first time labour to me)

Can I not just go to sleep and wake up in a month with a healthy baby in my arms?

LissyGlitter Fri 09-Oct-09 03:48:18

I can't ring a midwife just because I feel sorry for myself, can I?

Stabby pains in my bits, upper legs and lower bump, but defo no contractions or anything. What can I do to ease them so I can get some sleep? Feeling too sick to take painkillers and have already had two max doses of paracetamol today anyway.

tots2ten Fri 09-Oct-09 03:58:24

Im wide awake too, I broke my ankle march 07 (when i was 30 weeks pg with dc 5), and its painfull tonight, Im 35 weeks pg. I have been awake for the last 2 hours, watching tv, and just finished eating cheese on toast.

Have you tried having a warm bath to see if that would help with the aches?

LissyGlitter Fri 09-Oct-09 04:04:20

Think I may try that. Even if it doesn't stop the pain, it might make me feel better.

duchesse Fri 09-Oct-09 04:43:12

How well I remember this phase. It honestly felt as though I'd been pregnant for ever, and would be pregnant for another eternity. It actually zooms by! Be kind to yourself over the next few weeks- rest whenever you can and try not to worry too much about the birth.

Many second births are utterly different from the first. I know it's easier said than done, but try to go with the flow. The second is unlikely to be breech (and I'm sure they're keeping a close eye on you for that...). With a head down you're far more likely to have a "proper" labour that progresses normally as the correct part is pressing down on the cervix.

BiscuitStuffer Fri 09-Oct-09 09:00:36

Lissy - go and see an osteopath - they should be able to sort the pain out

tots2ten Fri 09-Oct-09 13:46:34

Lissy - did you manage to get some sleep?

I went back to bed at half 4, and the dcs started waking from 5.30am.

LissyGlitter Fri 09-Oct-09 19:53:42

I think I got two hours of sleep, after a dose of paracetomol and a long bath, and wedging a microwave wheat bag between my legs. I rang the midwife in the morning and she said that pregnant women are now allowed co-codomol, and a dose of that has made it manageable.

Feeling a lot more positive now. If I get another night like that, I may nip down to the day unit, just to get them to look at me, just so I can be reassured that it is nothing serious.


CakeForBreakfast Fri 09-Oct-09 20:32:30

Oh LissyGlitter, poor thing. The last stretch is not a lot of fun.

I'm also wallowing in a big vat of self pity. I'm 36weeks and a bit and am feeling awful. It appears I am allergic to my baby and am covered in painful and itchy red welts. I don't sleep well .

And why is this last month so damn busy - I dont mean organising for the baby, but just other commitments and things - its all now!


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