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Has anyone had an easy 3rd pregnancy after a horribly exhausting 2nd one?

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BiscuitStuffer Wed 07-Oct-09 21:45:08


cakeandwine Thu 08-Oct-09 16:57:05

I'm having a good 4th after a horrible and exhausting 3rd pregnancy. It may be down to gap between pregnancies, 2 and 3 was close together. I feel like a different person now. I also know this is my last so determined to enjoy it wink

Tomatefarcie Thu 08-Oct-09 17:14:54

This is my third, and the other two were a walk in the Park compared to this.


madmissy Thu 08-Oct-09 17:26:09

completely opposite here

my two dd's were bloody hard i was very sick and had depression

this one is aboy and i feel bloody great!!! very sore spd but thats part and parcel with my pg's

only just started to get that pg feeling at 29 weeks!

MamaG Thu 08-Oct-09 17:27:16

I breezed through 1st and 3rd pregnancies but was v tired with 2nd

madmissy Thu 08-Oct-09 17:35:38

oh and like cakeandwine said this is my last pg too so determined to enjoy grin

Sersi Thu 08-Oct-09 17:37:05

Yes - 1st pregnancy age 32, not great - Boy. 2nd pregnancy age 33, absolutely terrible - hyperemesis, exhausted, completely awful for 9 months - Boy. Now week 25 of 3rd pregnancy, age 39, was expecting it to be even worse, suppose because I'm older and its been great. Was a bit tired for first 3 months, no sickness which is just remarkable, and I've been absolutely blooming since about week 13 - great skin, hair, loads of energy - am actually enjoying it. It can happen!

ThisPhantomPlopsPumpkins Thu 08-Oct-09 18:28:26

I'm only 13 weeks with DC3 but so far am breezing it, 1st and 2nd weren't too bad either though, tired with the second and sick with the first. Don't have either this time around!

BiscuitStuffer Thu 08-Oct-09 20:14:37

oh that's excellent news!
I was so knackered with DC2 from about 5.5 weeks. Everything ached i was so tired and legs and arms like lead. It was hell. This time, I've just had stretchy goings on in my belly and not alot else. I'm 6.5 weeks. I am partly worried that it means that this pregnancy won't last and partly hoping that it could just be that this one will be easier!

Mama2b5 Thu 08-Oct-09 22:13:05

Hi - my DD's wasnt as bad i sailed through i guess it was because i was younger! well im 24 weeks (dc3) abit rocky at beginning but now i feel great and wake up excited that im pregnant it feels like a dream!cant wait for christmas which even the stores are already geared up for - yehhhhhhh!grin

thisisyesterday Thu 08-Oct-09 22:15:49

i had a hideously long first labour, ended with ventouse delivery.

a beautiful 6 hour second labour

then a rather rapid 45 min third one (a bit TOO fast tbh)

madmissy Thu 08-Oct-09 22:52:22

god knows what my next will be, dd1 was 24 hrs and then dd2 was induced and 3 hours from first contraction

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