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How long did it take you to get pregant after coming off the Pill? Been on Cilest for 13 years...

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notamumyetbutoneday Wed 07-Oct-09 15:59:02


i hope you don't mind me posting here, its my first time on this board. DH and I arelooking to start TTC in about a year (for various different reasons). My concern is that I am 27 years old and Ive been on the pill for 13 years (went on it when I 14 because of bad periods and never came off it).

I went for an ultrasound scan yesterday (due to repeat kidney infections) and the nurse doing the US scan made a comment about my ovaroes being 'shrunken' from being on the pill.

it got me thinking about how long it might take for my body to return to 'normal' after being on the Pill after 14 years? And whether nmy body will even know what 'normal' is after being on it so long!

Would really appreciate any advice/experiences about coming off the Pill after a long time and TTC.


GhostWriter Wed 07-Oct-09 16:02:59

I came off the pill after 9 years of continual use. My periods came back exactly 28 days later. Took a year to get pg, had a miscarriage and conceived 2 cycles after the miscarriage.

sunnybump Wed 07-Oct-09 16:06:19

I came off the pill about a year before we started trying, having been on it a decade-ish, and changed to a barrier method (as it wouldn't have been a disaster if I'd become pregnant). I just wanted to let my body find it's own rhythm again- it did quite quickly and I was much more regular than as a teen. We conceived the second month of trying and I'm 30 so expected it to be longer but I guess we were just lucky. However my pal (31) conceived straight after coming off the pill with her DD, who's a honeymoon baby, without a 'normal' period so I don't think it matters that much.

I worried at the time too but it all worked out ok. And now I'm 21 weeks! I hope it does for you too

blowninonabreeze Wed 07-Oct-09 16:10:04

I was on cilest for 8 years, did a week of nights and forgot to take it blush was waiting for a period so I could start it again, and had a couple of "incidents" with DH where we decided against condoms on the basis that it wouldn't be the end of the world if I got pregnant.

Nine months later DD1 was born!

LittleHarrysMum Wed 07-Oct-09 16:12:40

With DS I came off the pill in July and was pregnant by November 2005 had been on it for 10 years. Started pill again in August 2006

With DD I came off in December 2007 and was pregnant by February 2008!!

I was 25 when conceived DS.

notamumyetbutoneday Wed 07-Oct-09 16:13:41

Thank you guys, those are lovely stories (so sorry about your MC though Ghost Writer.)and have reassured me a lot. I know everyone is different but I just wanted some guidance on whether we should come off the pill earlier and start trying earlier. I dont think we could change to a different method of contraception though as Im allergic to condoms and have heard too many horror stories about the implant!

notjustapuppymum Wed 07-Oct-09 16:20:07

hi notamummyyet - I was 27 when I came off the pill after 11 years on it. I had a year off of it before ttc and my periods were irregular during this time but I still got pregnant first try!

lynniep Wed 07-Oct-09 16:24:55

I was on the pill for 14 years (cilest for the latter part of that but I cant remember how long exactly.) Stopped taking it after we got married when I ran out of supplies so not really planning a pregnancy - just going with the flow so to speak! - I got pregnant 8 months later. I was nearly 31 when I concieved (2006) Was still a shock even though I knew it might happen wink

notamumyetbutoneday Wed 07-Oct-09 16:26:04

First try! That is seriously impressive!

I knew coming on this board was a mistake, i am sat here at work with tears in my eyes at all the heart warming stories and all the hearbreaking stories of things people have gone/are going through to have their babies. Need to toughen up before my 4.30pm conference call!

Seeline Wed 07-Oct-09 16:28:46

I was on the pill for 11 years - Cilest for the later part. I came off it in the September and conceived in the February. I was 32. With pg 2 I conceived only 2 months after coming off it at 35. Good luck.

angfirsttimer Wed 07-Oct-09 16:32:19

On various pills for 10 years, period came back straight away and regular as clockwork. didn't ttc for three months though as had to take malaria tablets but when did try got pregnant month three, now 20 weeks. Apparently some experts think that you stand a better chance of getting pregnant immediately after coming off the pill because of a sort of surge of 'normal' hormones.

motheroftwoboys Wed 07-Oct-09 16:36:45

I came off the pill at 34 having been on it since 16 and got pregnant pretty much straight away. Married in December DS1 in October. Back on pill before deciding to "try again" and wanted to have a 2 year gap. Again, happened much quicker than we thought and had 21 month gap. Doctor told me that you can be "super fertile" after having been on pill.

KembleTwins Wed 07-Oct-09 16:36:54

I was on the pill for 14 years (started aged 15 because of irregular, awful periods as a teen) Came off it, had the weird period you get once your body realises you're not taking it any more, then got pregnant straight away - 6 weeks between coming off the pill and doing a preganancy test. Oh, and had twins grin

FlightofFancy Wed 07-Oct-09 16:40:32

I was on the pill for 13 years, the last 6 (or longer - can't remember) on Cilest. Cycle straight back to very regular 29 days (no idea what it was pre starting on the pill at 18 as wasn't the sort of thing I thought of back then!). Pregnant in 3 months - first month of actually 'trying' (i.e. having a rough idea of ovulation and having sex around about that time.

Am 31 BTW.

LowLevelWhingeing Wed 07-Oct-09 16:41:14

I was on the combined pill for about 15 years.

PG1 - 1 month
PG2 - 7 days shock

PG2 (also known as DS2) happened within the 7 days as that is how long I was off the pill for. After a week I started taking it again as I'd changed my mind...

michelle89 Wed 07-Oct-09 16:56:22


i was on the microgynon pill since i was 15, im now 19. i came off it and got pregnant in 5months, i was told it would take 6months to get out of your system but it all depends on the individual. it could take a month it could take several

6months pregnant with a little boy

VivClicquot Wed 07-Oct-09 17:19:10

I was another first timer! I was on microgynon for 13 years, came off in April with the intention of ttc in November after our wedding. Six weeks later and I was sat with a positive pregnancy test in my hand... (which came as a shock as I believed my GP when he told me it would take at least 3 months for my ovaries to "wake up" again after being on the pill for that long!)

Sadly it wasn't to be and I had an mmc in July. However, I'm now pg again (again, at the first time of trying!) so we're keeping everything crossed that this one's a keeper.

ArghhhhmazingBouncingSpider Wed 07-Oct-09 17:20:54

Was on cilest for 8 years, came off and pretty much got pregnant straight away.

fiziwizzle Wed 07-Oct-09 17:23:16

I was on the pill (logynon) for 13 years. It was 9 months after coming off before I had a period, and then they were incredibly erratic for the following 6 months. 5 of those 6 we weren't using protection and hey presto, in month 5 we conceived (bit of a shock even though I should have been expecting it!). So I guess my body took longer to recover from the effects of the pill than most. I'm 31.

elliepac Wed 07-Oct-09 17:28:58

I was on pill for 8 years (18-26), decided to ttc so cam off september 2003. Now, I thought i would have a bit of time to prepare myself but had a period exactly 4 weeks after an only 2 months after coming off, i was pregnant. To say i as shocked was an understatement. grin

mooki Wed 07-Oct-09 17:39:36

I was on Cilest from 16. Came off it at 30 in October, had one period, got pregnant in December.

mummyofthomas Wed 07-Oct-09 18:04:39

Hi , I was on the pill for 8 years continously and only took 3 months for me to conceive my first once I came off it. Like you I thought it may take a long time to return to natural periods etc but in my case it was all very quick. I am 23, don't know if age affects anything.

seaside72 Wed 07-Oct-09 18:17:36

I was on the pill from 15 (same reason - very heavy /bad periods) until I was 32 so 17 years in total shock. For the last 7 or so years I was on Cilest.
My periods returned straight away and were regular (cycle mostly 27 days long) I was so relieved to find that they were also not nearly as heavy as I remember (but then it was a long time ago wink) and were actually sort of shorter than before in the sense that on the pill I would generally have 4-5 days of steady medium flow whereas now I have maybe 2 heavyish days and then 3-4 lighter ones.
It took me 2 years to get pg - but I have to say we did not really "try" in the first 3 months as I was sort of scared of it happening too quickly hmm big mistake!
I have heard that there is a temporary boost in fertility immediately after you stop the pill which can then tail off but this could be a load of rubbishgrin

My advice would be come off as soon as you are really ready and then go for it!

Good luck

rimmer08 Wed 07-Oct-09 18:43:54

i am thinking of coming off the pill (microgynon) in about two weeks (IBS medication) and will prob ask doc about it because have been on it for 14 years and want to do things right as am first timer and quite nervous!!

babytum1 Wed 07-Oct-09 18:48:54

Hi all, i was on Microgynon for almost ten years and came off in June this year. Fell pregnant in August and am now 8 weeks.

I asked the doctor beforehand and he said you can start TTC straight away, they only like you to wait so you know your cycle and can give you a more accurate due date when you get pregnant.

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