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Crawley Hospital Booking in appointment.

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pigleychez Wed 07-Oct-09 14:53:23

Just wondering if anyones taken a toddler with them to the appointment.

Having a childcare issue and either I go on my own and DH looks after DD or we all go.

what do you think?

emmx Wed 07-Oct-09 16:05:22

Hi - I've just had my first baby so this isn't from personal experience but whenever I went to my antenatal appts at Crawley Hosp(and my booking in appt) other women were there with toddlers - it didn't seem to be a problem at all. Of course there are no toys, etc for them to play with but the waiting room's quite big and its very relaxed - I would say don't worry about taking your LO with you. Take some books/toys witht you to keep them occupied - should be fine. Good luck! (have you just moved here? I'm in Langley Green, just the other side of the A23 from the hospital).

TruthSweet Thu 08-Oct-09 08:24:42

I regularly take both my DDs (3.5/22m) to my MW appointments at the Crawley ANC. Just take toys/books/snacks as they have removed the toys due to swine flu though they now have replaced the adults magazines! Some of the rooms are quite tricky to get a pushchair in but I just plow on through grin.
Just in case you are new to the area the West Green Community Centre (down the road from hospital) has a Breastfeeding Cafe on Fridays 1-3 and pg mums are welcome for future reference.
I'm in Southgate BTW.

pigleychez Thu 08-Oct-09 11:16:08

Thanks for the replies ladies.

Im not really new to Crawley but only recently moved to West Green.
I have DD who is 14mths.

So different second time though.We didnt have the childcare issues first time obviously.

We have no family near by, they all live about an hours drive away. So DD is used to just coming everywhere with us. Thankfully shes a very good girl.

I rang the hospital and they said it wasnt a problem for her to come too. They understand that sometimes childcare can be a problem.
So thats that.. shes coming too

The breast feeding club is just down the road, so thats handy to know- Thanks.

Emmx- How old is your little one?

Nice to see other Crawley mummies here

emmx Thu 08-Oct-09 20:54:50

Hey Pigleychez - Luke is 20 weeks old on Saturday bless him. Yes, the breastfeeding cafe up the road from the hospital is very good, I went there after Lukey was born even though I wasn't able to breastfeed for one reason and another. They're very supportive and the community centre they use is very nicely done out. Are you with Leacroft Med Centre at West Green? Its a very nice area I must admit.

I'm also quite on my own in terms of family - my parents live down in Worthing about 40 mins away and my DH's family live in Newcastle, so I know what its like, its not like you can just jump in the car and drive round the corner, its a major trip even if you just go for the afternoon.

I take Luke to Rhyme Time at the new Crawley library on Mondays which is great as he's just starting to really enjoy it! Then we sometimes go for a nice coffee and a muffin in the library coffee shop.

Truthsweet - have we met at the cafe? Are you nearly due? Think I know who you might be but can't remember your name! (sorry!)

pigleychez Thu 08-Oct-09 21:04:00

emmx - Its nice to know the cafe is there and supportive. I had trouble feeding DD myself for a variety of reasons and ended up expressing for a while. Id like to try again this time.

Ive been meaning to take DD to the ryhme time for months but somehow something always seems to get in the way! Is it morning or afternoon? I know she would like it as she loves music, singing and dancing. She dances to anything!

emmx Thu 08-Oct-09 22:57:13

Aaah sweet : ) Luke too. It starts at 2pm for 30 mins (but get there a few mins early as the space isn't that big and they only have a few seats otherwise you have to sit on the floor - plus, they do stick rigidly to the 30 mins so if you're late you're late and before you know it times up!!

I know what you mean a b out things getting in the way! Can't believe how quickly a day goes by - there doesn't seem to be enough hours.... seems like one minute I'm getting him out of bed in the morning, next minute its his bed time! Time with him seems sooooo short!

Also hadnt realised how busy my social life would get once i'd had my baby! i actually have to schedule time in to spend at home LOL! there's always one invite for coffee or another! and I seem to always have trouble saying no - guess I don't want my boy to miss out on anything! Did you find that it felt quite competitive when you first had your daughter?

pigleychez Fri 09-Oct-09 08:46:00

How typical! Monday at 2pm is DD's swimming lessons.

Yeah its funny how some weeks your doing something everyday! Hard trying to fit the housework in!
Sometimes its nice to spend a day indoors to catch up on everything.

Anyway if you ever fancy meeting up for a coffee or something then just shout But you can say NO! grin

emmx Sat 10-Oct-09 21:25:29

Hi pigley! Sorry its taken a couple of days to reply - would love to meet for coffee hun : ) Shame about the swimming lessons clashing with rhyme time but hey ho. I'll PM you and we can arrange something ok? spk soon : )

emmx Mon 12-Oct-09 11:27:51

Hi Pigleychez - can you email me?

em_johnson at btinternet dot com

Ta! Spk soon : )

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