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What should I expect.?Think I am about to have a miscarriage.

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abif2 Wed 07-Oct-09 10:26:07

Hi, I should be 7 weeks tomorrow but had some light bleeding last week so sent for early scan on Monday when was 6+4. The bleeding wasnt actually worrying me as had it with dd due to ectropic cervix. But this pregnancy had not felt right since beginning and all symptoms were disappearing.

The scan showed only gestational sac and yolk sac, no fetal pole or heartbeat. It says I was measuring 5 weeks and to come back in 2 weeks to see if it was viable.

Since then, the bleeding has carried on but extremely light and not wearing pads or anything. However, all pregnancy symptoms have completely disappeared and I have back ache.

I cant get an appointment with the doc and am just not sure what to expect. I am meant to be taking my dd away on Monday for few days with a friend but worried that it will start then. Should I still go?

What happens with a miscarriage? Do I need to go to A&E? I am just not sure what to do. Nothing, I suppose!

belgo Wed 07-Oct-09 10:32:37

Hi, sorry you are going through this. I went through very similar two years ago, and it was a miscarriage. But of course there is always the little bit of hope that everything might turn out fine. I knew in my heart that it wasn't fine.

Just like you I had a little bit of bleeding and backache and a scan that put me at 4/5 weeks when I knew I was 7 weeks. The bleeding suddenly became heavier, and I felt pains in my abdomen - almost like braxton hicks - and I passed a large clot and lots of blood. I didn't need to go to the doctor, and the bleeding lasted about 5 days. I then had another scan to confirm the miscarriage.

Possible problems you need to look out for: severe pain that cannot be controlled by paracetamol; very heavy bleeding; any abnormal discharge/smells/ a high temperature, shaking, feeling faint - if you experience any of this, you need to see a doctor.

Good luck, get plenty of rest and look after yourself.

lal123 Wed 07-Oct-09 10:38:21

Sorry to hear you are going through this. I've had 2 mcs at about the same time as you. Personally I wouldn't go on holiday with a threatened mc - I bled quite heavily and was glad to beat home. I didn't go to A&E - but like you had had an early scan because of the bleeding. For both mcs I had follow up scans booked - which I never made it to. For both mcs I had a scan to make sure that mc was complete - but apart from that no medical intervention.

A&Es not really appropriate - there is nothing that they can do to stop the mc and unless you are having really heavy bleeding its not really classed as an emergency.

Look after yourselfxx

Jules0677 Wed 07-Oct-09 10:51:15

I'm in the process of going through a miscarriage. I've been reading other people's posts and information on the Miscarriage Association website (a really good source of information - you should have a look)and I'm shocked at how long and drawn out they can be. And all so different.
Doctors all seem to adopt wait and see approaches because that's the only thing they can do. Pregnancies are so unpredictable. Bleeding can be nothing or it can be a miscarriage, they just don't know. Go to A&E if it would make you feel better, I did. They did a blood and urine test and referred me to the early pregnancy unit for a scan. A scan at 8 weeks or so should be able to to see if it's a viable pregnancy or not. Although I saw a viable pregnancy at my 8 week scan after a bleed and miscarried at 11 weeks following a much more prolonged and heavy bleed - very rare and unlucky. The miscarriage association says a loss of symptoms does not necessarily mean a miscarriage and vice versa - I still have tender breasts and occasional nausea at certai smells. You could get a hundred different responses here - from I bled every day and had a healthy baby to I had a bit of brown spotting and miscarried. Every pregnancy is different and doctors are helpless, they just don't know until it happens. The only way to know for sure is to have a scan. Go to A&E today for your own peace of mind, they might be able to get you a scan this week.
I wish you a happy outcome. xxx

twogirls1more Wed 07-Oct-09 10:57:32

Hi abif2, so sorry to hear of your concerns. Of course everything could be fine but I do agree that sometimes you just know when something's wrong. I am currently 15.5wks pregnant and has so far been stress, stress and more stress! Have had on off spotting throughout which has led to many scans, along with other worries.. (won't be happy until babies here and all is hopefully well.) All this made worse by fact I miscarried in April.
If I were you I would keep an eye on things and should they get worse or change, call your local EPU. My personal experience of miscarriage was bleeding on and off lightly for a week/10 days which then increased and went from pink to bright red. A day or so later I had a nagging back ache but no real abdominal pain as such and didn't throughout the whole thing, with heavier bleed including clots, followed by loss of the main pregnancy products (sorry to be abit graphic.) I knew then, (as was pretty obvious) that all had left me and I didn't go to hospital or doc as just took advice over the phone. I bled afterwards for approx a week so bleeding lasted approx 3wks in total. I think I was approx 7wks when all this started.
Hope I've been of some help..(if that's possible?) Do feel for you as know it's awful being in limbo not knowing what's going on. Fingers crossed that all is ok for you and though it's no consolation at all, it won't be long before you know for sure where you stand. Take care. xx

abif2 Wed 07-Oct-09 11:04:52

Thanks for all your advice. The doc told me I should go to A&E last week if bleeding got heavier but dont really see the point.

I dont want to cancel holiday unless I have too, as dd is so looking forward to it as is my friend's dd. It is only about 2 hours from home so figure I can drive back if I need to.

The waiting is just so horrible. My 1st pregnancy was v. stressful and taken me 3 years to decide to do this again, so all this is not helping!

I know it is all over, just wish it could be over and done with straight away. Thanks for all your help.

Wedgie Wed 07-Oct-09 17:20:19

Hi Abif2

Really sorry to hear of your circumstances. Having read Jules0677 post I totally agree with her. I had a mc at 12 weeks and ended up in hospital due to the extent of the bleeding, don't want to be too graphic but if you are bleeding to the extent I was you know that you have to go to hospital, no question. I had alot of pain similar to labour pains, ended up on a drip, a transfusion was discussed then had a d&c. However, some women are able to mc naturally and cope OK with that with no medical intervention.

When I was told at a private scan, then saw a locum GP she didn't tell me what could happen which still annoys me even now. I personally wanted to be at home in easy reach of the hospital just in case when I was told what had happened.

As a previous poster said, the Miscarriage Association are absolutely wonderful and in a very dark time for me they helped a great deal. I would've been due tomorrow so feeling a tad emotional today. But I am pg again so there is light at the end of the tunnel so to speak, though at the time I didn't believe it.

Take care of yourself and give yourself time x

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