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im beginning to worry!

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maybebaby23 Tue 06-Oct-09 13:03:46


I posted on another thread about feeling the need to clean every inch of the house, iron all baby clothes, decorate etc etc i have been cleaning windows and scrubbing skirting boards like a loon...i am also wandering around muttering to myself with paper and pen in hand, constantly working out finances and what i need to get next...i can't concentrate on anything for long and usually find myself back in the kitchen with my list, muttering about something or other that i mustn't forget! I keep changing the conversation with DF half way through when i remember something i need to tell him. My mind is never blank and rested! I can't sleep well and when i wake i find i am working out finances in my head and which shops i will drag poor DD round after nursery

Its not like we haven't got stuff ready, im 28 weeks now and all i have to do is finish babys room and pack bag! So i have moved onto xmas and have almost finished present buying blush next im thinking of stocking up on food for xmas (baby due dec 31st but i think it'll be section straight after xmas)

I am worried that A) this somehow means my baby will arrive early because i feel so strongly that everything needs to be ready like yesterday! and B) im losing my mind??! I had a touch of PND after DD and im worried that this is me heading down that track again slowly but surely...not normal is it? I feel i cant relax until everything on my list is ticked off.

I do have OCD, if something is worrying me my mind is unable to drop it for days at a time and it really bothers me. Maybe it is just that. I think ive just answered my own question lol it prob is that. Anyone else!? Thanks for reading i hope i haven't exhausted you!

ErikaMaye Tue 06-Oct-09 13:37:20

You're definately not loosing your mind Just a hell of a lot more motivated than me!! Can I hire you?? wink

If you're worried about pre-natal depression, do go and speak to either your doctor or your midwife. They will take you seriously, especially if you had PND last time (which I'm sorry to hear about, by the way).

I have moments where I feel like "OH SHIT I NEED TO DO X / Y / Z!!!" - but then I take a step back from it (or rather, DP drags me back!!) and consider everything that I have already done, and it calms me down.

I hope that's of some use to you

peppapighastakenovermylife Tue 06-Oct-09 14:06:12

I always went a bit mad on the planning and tidying from when I was about 16 - 30 weeks! Then did bugger all wink

I strongly remember being on my knees scrubbing our doorstep at about 6.30 am one morning?! And got really stroppy about DH leaving anything out of place...oh and dust on top of doors?!

maybebaby23 Tue 06-Oct-09 14:23:28

Haha! Thanks guys! If only i could be this motivated when not preg! lol at scrubbing doorstep, you just reminded me ours needs painting again grin * rushes off to add to list *

Im relieved to hear that others have mad outburts too! Im sure i'll read back on my post when baby is here and laugh! Then feel bad as i look around my untidy house lol i hope this organising and cleaning lasts! Although i hope im a bit calmer about it all then grin

lucky1979 Tue 06-Oct-09 14:41:34

I had a proper, wake up in the middle of the night panic because I realised that I'd bought the wrong size blanket for the moses basket. And I was horribly neurotic about getting everything on my list ready at least 5 weeks early.

I think it's pretty normal (my DH thinks I'm mad though). I suspect it's to do with not being entirely in control of your own body, so you compensate by planning and organising all the things you CAN control.

growingbump2 Tue 06-Oct-09 14:48:04

Think I may be the maddest then! I'm only next week and have just phoned DH as work with a huge list of things to do this week. So far today I have re-arranged and totally cleaned kitchen, same in bathroom and have just come on here with some strawberry triffle to try and distract my organising obsessed mind! Thinks its because I already have a DS think if I can get on top of it early then I will be less stressed at the end if that makes any sense!

growingbump2 Tue 06-Oct-09 14:48:51

Sorry meant to say I'm only 9 weeks!

Yikess Tue 06-Oct-09 16:25:03

hmmm am thinking there is nothing wrong with you only something wrong with me - so far I have done ..... nothing!!! eek! The extent of my preparation has been getting a crib and a pram. I think I am still in denial even though like you Im due on Christmas Day!!! I shall have to get started or poor bubs will have nothing not to mention a dusty home.

maybebaby23 Tue 06-Oct-09 16:28:00

Ooohh great to hear your experiences! Very interesting that about trying to control everything because you are not in control of your own body! That must be it. These hormones do funny things to you don't they!

I also have DD1 so think that if i get on top of everything now then i'll cope better when DD2 comes along!

Thanks for sharing!

CantThinkofFunnyName Tue 06-Oct-09 18:08:32

Ah - I'm 26+5 and have now done everything too! I have a few more Xmas presents to get (shopping trip planned Friday and I know exactly what I'm buying). Have also completed by hospital packing checklist today so all that's left is to actually pack!

If you're mad - so am I - oh heck, we probably both are!

ErikaMaye Wed 07-Oct-09 00:13:26

I have everything ready for the baby - just need to pack my hospital bag, and wait for the cot to turn up! Lets not mention Christmas, hmm? blush

maybebaby23 Wed 07-Oct-09 07:47:20

Haha fantastic i will show this to my DF, so im not the only one!!

ErikaMaye Wed 07-Oct-09 10:54:08

See, DP thinks knows I'm bonkers anyway grin

Weegle Wed 07-Oct-09 11:02:51

NORMAL! grin

I was fairly nutty last time, but this time (25 weeks with twins likely to be delivered before xmas) I have gone slightly AWOL on the organising stakes. I have a series of Excel spreadsheets - Christmas presents (all done and wrapped bar 2), Birthday Presents to March (all done, wrapped till Christmas), Stuff needed for Babies (that one is a work in progress, do a bit each week), House Stuff (we are renovating and extending our house and that's the most stressful bit as we are moving out at the beginning of Dec in to rented, and I can't do that much due to mobility problems, but I use that one to order DH about...). So if you're losing it, I think we can safely say I've lost it grin

maybebaby23 Wed 07-Oct-09 11:24:58

Oh my gosh weegle, birthday presents until march!!? I should do that too shouldn't i...omg another thing to add to my list!

All xmas presents 2. Doesn't that 2 keep you awake at night?! Oh it would be on my mind until i saw it done. Thats whats doing my head right in. If something is unfinished i can't bear it.

Im feeling much better about my strange ways Twins for you weegle, how lovely I think i would be locked in a padded cell if i had TWO babies to prepare for haha!

Weegle Wed 07-Oct-09 11:32:46

I know - unfinished stuff is the worst blush. Those 2 xmas presents are on order so will be wrapped and put in the box marked "under the xmas tree" as soon as they arrive grin.

I think I've been a little obsessive over bday presents (she thinks) but my reasoning is: I'm on crutches and wheelchair until the birth at least then will have 2 newborns, plus DS, living in rented accommodation until end Feb, with building work to manage in the meantime... I thought I'd do everything I could whilst I could...

I swear I'm going ever so slightly loopy though...

Southwestwhippet Wed 07-Oct-09 11:49:52

I'm 25 weeks, and despite the fact that I fell over in the shower last week and my lower back is abosolutely killing me and have a week off work supposedly to relax, I have spent the last two days cleaning the house from top to bottom for no apparent reason... Yesterday I swept every room, then vacummed it, then mopped the floors. Not sure what I was thinking hmmblush

There is currently a MASSIVE double bed in the baby's room and it is driving me crazy that I have to wait 5 days until my DP comes home and can help me shift it. I can barely go into the room without wanting to weep with frustration angry. I don't even have much to put in the room yet, I just want the bed OUT so I feel 'more prepared'. Crazy when you think about it.

So I think you are prefectly normal.

ErikaMaye Thu 08-Oct-09 09:38:23

I can't be arsed to sort anything today blush Its mainly putting stuff into boxes and bin bags, but I just really can't be bothered... Can one of you delightfully organised people please come round and do it for me?!? grin

Weegle Thu 08-Oct-09 11:05:36

No - but I can give you a virtual kick up the backside if that helps?! grin

I am too busy putting up shelving, sorting things for ebay, and sorting things for DH to put in the loft when he gets home grin

ErikaMaye Thu 08-Oct-09 15:37:59

I think I must have felt it - have done a lot today already!! Knackered now though - damn ME... - so taking a break, then off to finish it. Finally looking plausable that I could get a cot in there!!! grin

Comma2 Thu 08-Oct-09 15:47:15

Sounded def like OCD to me while I was reading it, at the same time wished I had a touch of it as makes perfect sense to have everything nice and ready when baby arrives! Will take suggestion of getting xmas pesents as due nov 4. Let it work for you!

maybebaby23 Thu 08-Oct-09 16:55:29

Weegle it sounds wonderful, you have a box marked "under the xmas tree" I love it! Im going to wrap mine very soon. I think you are being very sensible getting birthday presents til march seeing as you are having to move out!!

I haven't done anything today as im not well, full of a cold but my mind is fine and STILL driving me mad, i need to get to the shops and finish getting things! DF won't get the cot down until the room is finished, but that means going to get more paint! It's driving me mad but i decided i have to take it easy today..

Southwest i SO know what you mean. I have the nursery furniture in the baby's room as well as loads of stuff that DF needs to move. I just want it all out and the cot in there! DF doesn't get it because baby will be in with us for a few months. I just need that room doing though lol.

Comma i know its OCD blush im just glad to know that others are a bit loopy while preg too!

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