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34 weeks pg, totally shattered, any advice?

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MyAngels Tue 06-Oct-09 11:39:09


Currently about 34 weeks, have 2.5 year old DD, DH had gallbladder out last week and is next to no help round the house or with DD obviously, am still working (but its only mornings at a desk from home, so not too bad), but am completely exhausted - entertaining DD, preparing all meals, washing, ironing etc etc.. trying to keep on top of housework (the place is under several inches of dust!).

Any ideas from those who have been there for remedies, please?

My mum lives 200 miles away and cares for my disabled dad, so can't ask her for help.

Would really like to be enjoying my last few weeks of pregnancy (it will be my last and my first DS died following a difficult birth, so I know how precious every pre-birth minute is too), but keep bursting into tears of exhaustion and frustration!


newarrival Tue 06-Oct-09 12:09:43

Oh you poor thing! Gosh I am 30 weeks & already feeling tired and I've stopped working so I really feel for you as can imagine how tired you must be holding a job down too.

Sorry but can't you just say no to some of the chores. Or don't you have in laws that could help out or brother/sis? All the books do say is it really important if the housework needs doing etc!! Its yourself and your baby that are most important and they should come first. So after you've been on here, make a cup of tea, sit down & relax! You owe it to yourself.... let's face it we are not going to have time to do this after the birth so make the most of it now!

Cut yourself some slack!
good luck

Cies Tue 06-Oct-09 12:12:55

HAve you had your iron levels checked out? I was feeling terrible and it turned out I had low iron and am now on supplements. Has helped a lot, although I still take every oportunity to nap as this is my first pg.

SouthernMeerkat Tue 06-Oct-09 13:23:53

Do you have a friend who could take your DD off your hands for an hour or so - just so you can sleep/put your feet up or whatever?

It is exhausting being 34 wks pg anyway, never mind with another child and an ill husband - just try and rest when you can and play lots of games with your DD where you can pretend to be asleep (sleeping lions, or how long can you be a statue for wink)

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