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Racing Pulse?

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Catz Mon 05-Oct-09 11:10:12

Has anyone had a feeling of a racing or really strong pulse in pg even when resting?

I'm 31 wks and just couldn't sleep last night because the whole night I felt as if my heart was racing and thumping really hard. Also I felt faint and dizzy despite the fact I was lying down. My pulse was actually about 95 lying down so not mega fast but much higher than usual (usually in the 60s when resting). This morning I am working from home and have done nothing save for having breakfast and working sitting down at computer (not even dressed blush) but it's 100-110 and the thumping/dizzy feeling is still there. I know that you tend to have a higher pulse in pg and these numbers aren't hugely high but it's more the feeling of my heart running away coupled with dizziness that is bothering me.

Is this just normal?

At 32 weeks with my last I had to go into hospital as my resting pulse hit 260shock, seriously thought I was going to have a heart attack it was so fast and hard I couldn't even count it and didn't realise how quick it was until they hooked me up to a monitor.

I was kept in for about 12 hours until it hit 100 which is in the range of 'normal' for a resting pulse.

I was told it is very common during pg and not a cause for concern, after that episode I had lots where it would go up to 160/180 for the rest of my pg, it made me very paranoid about checking my pulse (still am actually blush), but nothing ever came of it.

Oh and I used to get the dizzy thing too, you may have slightly low blood pressure, when your heart starts to race you will feel dizzy, try and keep really well hydrated to alieviate it and check with your midwife that you are not anemic.

Gernerally I think it is nothing to worry about, but obv. check with mm or gp if you still feel concernedsmile.

mm = mw sorry.

brightonbleach Mon 05-Oct-09 11:27:54

I get a racing pulse when I lie down, lying down does not seem to be a comfy position sadly laying on your back will especially bring this on...

if you stay dizzy during the day though I would ring GP and doublecheck it.

LeonieBooCreepy Mon 05-Oct-09 11:29:43

Message withdrawn

maxbear Mon 05-Oct-09 11:38:11

I had that thumping feeling until recently atlthough my heart rate was normal. I also had a lot of ectopic or missed beats, while not a problem as such they made me feel very disconcerted and odd.

My gp suggested that I give up caffeine which I did, I didn't really expect it to help much as I am not a big tea or coffee drinker but I have been sleeping so much better in the past few weeks. One day I made some choc chip cookies which were lovely, but had the same effect as tea and coffee sad I am just a bit gutted that it has taken me two and a half pregnancies to figure out how to get a good nights sleep in pregnancy!

Weegle Mon 05-Oct-09 11:55:31

I've had this (well sort of) and it's currently being investigated. I had it right at the end of my first pg with DS (37 weeks) and was hospitalised till it returned to normal and was put down as one of those pregnancy things, not to worry. But this pregnancy it started at 12 weeks when I had an 'attack' whereby for 50 minutes it was over 200, then gradually came down over the next 4 hours. I now have the same about 5-6 times a day but only lasting minutes. I was sent for thyroid tests (fine) and ECG. ECG had a slight abnormality so was sent for a 24 hour ECG. Am now awaiting results of that plus ultrasound of my heart and have an appt at the 'one stop cardiology clinic' next week to find out what's going on. So far it's been hinted that my diaphragm may be pushing too high (twin pregnancy but doesn't explain it starting so early), or related to my arthritis (which is flaring in pregnancy), or who knows?! But what I have been told, and sounds like you should take reassurance from - is that palpitations which occur when you are not doing anything, or under exertion, are usually nothing to worry about. And the dizzyness, as already pointed out, is likely because the increased pulse will have caused your blood pressure to drop. I have found that if I'm sitting/standing when they start, if I flop quickly on to my left side (as fast as I can when I can't move very well!) then sometimes it 'tricks' it in to going back to normal...

Catz Mon 05-Oct-09 12:02:33

Thanks all for your replies. WTWTW that sounds really frightening. I did have one episode a few weeks ago where it shot up when I was lying down and I couldn't count it but as it was just a few minutes an a one off I didn't worry about it. Glad to hear it all went OK in the end.

I have pretty much cut out coffee and tea but certainly not chocolate... I guess I should try that sad plus drinking more water. I've not had bloods done since 12 wks so hopefully I'll get them done at my 34 wk check.

At the risk of sounding a bit of a hypochondriac (!) I do have to call in at the Drs this afternoon anyway. I keep having episodes of visual disturbances that last 40 mins or so and had one last night. It seems to just be a visual migraine and not a prob but my mw told me to get my blood pressure checked when it happens so I'm just going to ask the nurse's assistant to do that. I guess I should mention the pulse/dizzy thing to her. The problem is that if you mention something pg related to someone junior they tend to (understandably) want to pass it up to someone more senior and it all becomes a bit of a fuss so I don't want to mention it if it's all normal.

Thanks again for all your replies

Catz Mon 05-Oct-09 12:07:44

Weegle - I hadn't read your post when I typed mine. That sounds very scary. Hope all turns out to be OK. Thanks for the advice, I'm sure mine is not a prob it's just quite disconcerting to constantly hear your pulse pounding away.

Catz Mon 05-Oct-09 16:53:28

Well you were right. Low blood pressure (84/50 compared to my normal pg reading of 110/70) which explains why I am feeling generally crap as well.

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