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Boblina Sun 04-Oct-09 20:13:10

Hi everyone I wrote a few months back about this. I have an emergency c section with DS and now 34 weeks pregnant I have to decide what to do. I have been told that because of my circumstances I will most likely have to have an epidural and IV tube so I am half way there to having a c section. Part of me thinks why go through the first stages of labour and have the pain when I can just have a c section which first time round did not give me much trouble at all. I mean I have been told that viginal births do cause damage down there, so why do that? Then again why go through an op when I may be able to avoid it. Then again I could try v birth and then have to have a c section. I am very confused. I am a woss when it comes to pain. Just don't know. I need to decide. Help.

wzmo Mon 05-Oct-09 13:43:36

Well I had an emergency c section for my first also, and I went through sooo much back and forth about a second c section- It was totally nerve racking walking into the hospital and getting ready to have a baby and not have contractions. But I must say I am so glad that I did, of course my second was a big baby also and the docs said it would have been a terrible vbac. so from my experiance excpect it and embrace the fact that this is a different birth and just from my birth and how things went I would definatly do the planned c section again for sure!! It was so different then the first i went in at 7 and had my boy at 8;22, and as long as you remember that you have carried this baby and that no matter how this baby comes out the end result is the same, what matters is healthy mom and baby. so for my opinion it is very weird going in the 2 time but same beautiful result!!!! why the first c section for you????

stillstanding Mon 05-Oct-09 13:52:33

I am in the same boat and understand your dilemma. What are your doctors advising you?

I don't really understand why you think that you are half way there even though you have to have an epidural and an IV tube? Also while it is possible that a natural birth may result in damage so to would a c-section. It comes with many more risks than natural as I understand it and - as I understand it - there are quite a few advantages in going into labour even if ultimately you do end up having a c-section, e.g. you know the baby is ready, the baby's lungs get squeezed out a bit etc etc.

For these reasons I am very keen to give VBAC a go even if my odds are good that I will end up having a c-section. The reasons such as convenience and avoiding pain don't persuade me at all. The only one that do really are good medical ones like a breech baby or a very big baby where there is a chance of rupture.

Boblina Wed 07-Oct-09 20:23:43

Hi thanks to both of you for replying. I had to have an emergency c section the first time because DS heart rate kept dropping. They just had to get him out. Never been in labour. DS was premature.

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