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Getting Impatient

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WillowsMum Sun 04-Oct-09 14:25:45

Anybody else really fed up now and just want to hold their baby, im turning into a monster when people ask me how things are going, its all i can do to say 'tired' and then turn away so as to not inflict pain upon them lol

and why is it that people think you should make the most of pregnancy cause you wont be able to sleep when the babys here lol i havnt got my baby and i havent slept for weeks... (i really think i will sleep more when the baby gets here)

sorry just needed to rant and rave...

mrsdisorganised Sun 04-Oct-09 14:29:57

Know the feeling! Could have posted exactly the same myselfgrin

Hope it comes round soon for you. Good luck.

WillowsMum Sun 04-Oct-09 14:57:58

The most annoying thing so far has to be that your not allowed to moan if your pregnant because all you get is... 'you chose to have a baby' and you want to scream yes i chose to have a BABY!... not morning sickness, backache, itchy skin, stretchmarks, rib pain, heartburn, tossing and turning at night, twitching legs, the inability to get comfy in clothes unless the item is a dressing gown lol, leg cramps, pins and needles, not being able to eat much, going to the toilet to much... the list is endless...

why dont they tell you this before you get pregnant, or do you really forget it all when your baby is here?

brightonbleach Sun 04-Oct-09 15:14:09

me too...i just want the baby here NOW & would prefer to be holding him up in my arms not strapped to my lower tummy...! I have 3+ weeks to go argh hmm people keep telling me to "enjoy the peace & quiet, have a nice relax before he arrives"...?? but I can't sleep due to twitching legs, dragging/painful stomach & breathing difficulties when I lie down; I can't eat more than 2 mouthfuls without bump going tight as a drum & painful indigestion; I can't walk at normal speed as it feels like I'm jogging (!) and I have the itchiest rash known to man (well, woman!) all over the bump as well, so NO its not peaceful times before baby comes - quite frankly I'm worried I'll be so tired by the time I get to labouring I won't be able to manage it!! I'm enjoying the 'miracle' aspect of pregnancy, and his little dances inside me make me laugh, but I can't wait for him to be out here now - I really think people do forget how hard-going last trimester is (otherwise nobody would have any siblings, eh?!)

WillowsMum Sun 04-Oct-09 15:41:37

yeah totally agree with you, but still find it hard to believe we can really block it all out lol... im 3 days over due and getting very upset cause i am starting to get angry at my little girl before shes even here but she has had 2 due dates (LMP and scan) and past them both so i guess its normal to get a little annoyed, i just really want to meet her, i hope things go easy for you, and just to forwarn you the desperation in the last week is awful and the medical profession suddenly dont have time for you unless the babys head is hanging between your legs lol

good luck

Comma2 Sat 10-Oct-09 20:38:38

I totally agree, the thing is: the second you have your wonderful baby in your arms you forget it ALL. (well, almost.)

Then you have screaming toddlers etc for years, so that's usually what people remember when they talk about getting rest while you can....I figure...s'gotta be something like that....*scratch bump*

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