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29 weeks and low lying placenta any exp?

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madmissy Sun 04-Oct-09 09:01:24

had a 4d scan yesterday i am 29 weeks pg with dc3 and she said that my placenta was low and i need checking out..
i am under consultant care anyway but any placenta problems i freak out

well not freak out as what will be will be its just with dd2 (2) i had a manual removal of placenta and i had a pph so worried about this happening again anyway!

can anyone tell me anything on low lyings??

skidoodle Sun 04-Oct-09 09:05:30

My sister had a low lying placenta until 35 weeks or so. Had been all mentally prepared for an elcs and then it moved up and out of the way just on time.

Good that you are so calm, sis was ok but her consultant really freaked her out.

madmissy Sun 04-Oct-09 09:08:53

hmm so can move cool

3rd time around so bit laid back this time lol

madmissy Sun 04-Oct-09 09:11:57

forgot to add to anyone thats reading! lol

at 12wk and 20wk it was normal so why hav i moved down not up!?

madmissy Sun 04-Oct-09 16:52:13

anyone else got any info?

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