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UTI? not sure?

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BellasYummyMummy Sat 03-Oct-09 16:56:35

i'm 18 weeks pregnant. for the last few weeks i;ve had a dull, achey feeling after I pee but no pain when I actually pee. Its more of an ache in my vulva. Also lately the ache can be just when Im standing up. I've also had a few sharp pains where I think my bladder is so am thinking i might have a urinary infection. Am going to book an appointment with the doc just to be sure, but dont know if ill have to be examined or not?? My lady doctor I usually cant see for 2 weeks as she gets booked up and I dont want to see the creepy old doc. Do you normally just pee in a cup to check for UTIs?

AnyFuleKno Sun 04-Oct-09 00:27:24

You shouldn't have to be examined, it's a pee in a cup job.

I had an achey feeling on one side of my fanjo when I was pregnant, possibly the extra pressure on the blood vessels in that area?

You should see the doc as soon as possible to rule it out though, if it is a UTI you don't want it to get any worse.

Claire2009 Sun 04-Oct-09 00:35:13

Just a urine sample to see whether or not you have an infection, may be a kidney infection though. Does your lower back ache at all?

I had a kidney infection when preg with DS at 12-13wks, left it thinking it was a UTI and I could flush it out, eventually went to the Gp after 2-3 wks and she gave me hell (was in France) and I had antibiotic injections for 5 days to get rid of it.

geminigirl Sun 04-Oct-09 01:24:14

Could be a UTI but could also be caused by bubbas head well down in your pelvis and causing you to feel like you're dying for a pee all the time, the aching vulva could be varicose veins in your Fanjo ( thanks to AnyFuleKno for that good word...didn't really want to sound all technical by using Labia Majora!)

BellasYummyMummy Sun 04-Oct-09 16:39:51

lol thanks ladies it seems to have diminished today, but will get it checked out sometime this week when i have a spare 5 minutes- haha whats that??

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