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I have swollen ankles & feet & hands/fingers?

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Tiaxx31 Sat 03-Oct-09 16:38:06

I have seen midwife about this and she said it is the cerculation but hands are going numb, all the ends of my fingers are numb and hands really hurt. Anyone else been this way. What can you do to make them feel a bit better?

ThisBoyDerekDrew Sat 03-Oct-09 16:41:35

I would get a second opinion. Swelling is a problem in pregnancy, and not usually a concern unless it is accompanied by protein in urine or high BP. Have these been checked recently? Any headaches?

Otherwise keeping fluid levels up can help

lynniep Sat 03-Oct-09 16:42:49

yes. I think its pretty normal I'm afraid. I get it quite bad now as I work at a computer and it seems to aggravate it. Sometimes extreme cold or warm can help. Like clutching a cold can of pop from the fridge. or one of those hand warmers (I prefer cold things) Try to go barefoot at home and just wear flip flops if poss (you may not have much choice if your feet swell as much as mine did last time!)
I just squeeze my hands together lots as well. Doesnt go away but helps a bit!

KKKKaty Sat 03-Oct-09 16:45:19

I've been like this for two or three weeks now (only a week before due date, though, thank goodness). Went to the doctors and they diagnosed carpal tunnel syndrome which is apparently pretty common in pregnancy due to, as you say, the fluid build up. Fluid squashes all the blood vessels nerves etc. in your wrists and makes your fingers numb and/or painful.

My doctor sent me to the hospital to see a physio and was given a splint for my right hand to wear during the night, which has really made a difference and stopped the pain waking me up at night. Another thing to do would be to limit the amount of time you do "fine motor functions" i.e typing, writing etc. and just do them in short bursts as that helps too.

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