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Glastonbury goers. Mad to consider going with a 5 month old?

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Issy42 Sat 03-Oct-09 15:57:32

Was going to post under parenting but didn't seem to fit in the subcategories, so since we had last year's 'are we mad to go when pregnant' thread, I thought I'd post here.

Tickets on sale tomorrow. Single mum-to-be thinking of going to Glastonbury next year with 5-month old. Would love to hear from regular Glastonbury goers who've done it.

Thought I could sign up for ticket tomorrow and sell it back in spring if baby turns out to be a real screamer, but if she's a quiet one am I mad to think she'll be OK in a sling (with ear defenders of course) or that I can adapt a trolley for her to ride/sleep in (saw lots of those last year).

Trying to persuade friends to come and camp with me in family bit. I don't feel I can ask the friend I normally go with to leave his 'crew' at Pennards and camp with me instead as he's been going with the same people for nearly 20 years. Am I mad to consider going alone if none of my friends can come with me? Would still be able to meet up with others during day as they tend to do the chilled Glastonbury thing rather than the mosh pit, but don't really want to camp in Pennards with little one. Part of me thinks wait until following year but then I wonder if would be easier when breastfeeding and baby not yet mobile than when she's toddling.

raindroprhyme Sat 03-Oct-09 17:00:37

i am thinking of going too. i will also have a 5/6month old.
i am going to go wwith a huge group tho and am taking a camper van. so plush camping really.
so no don't think you are mad.

bigchris Sat 03-Oct-09 17:05:02

have you thought of the practicalities? i havent been in the family bit but is there somewhere to sterilise bottles, somewhere clean to bath the baby? where will all the baby stuff go? will you have any help? what will you do if the baby cries all night and keeps everyone up? will you feel like partying the next day?

MrsMc82 Sat 03-Oct-09 17:24:39

Hi issy,
I went for first time last year when was 10weeks pg and we'd hired a caravan, were tonnes of babies and toddlers in those campervan/caravan areas and i saw tonnes of babies in slings during the day, in fact on lady was bf-ing her lo next to us on the sunday night whilst watching blur.... Anyway i'm not a regular at all and don't fancy going next year with lo myself but think you'd be fine in a campervan or something as its just that bit more plush and you'd def not be only one with a tiny baby in those areas... if you could convince some of your friends to share cost of the hire wouldn't be too expensive either....
Enjoy! XX

Issy42 Sat 03-Oct-09 19:50:20

Thanks for your responses. Presuming the NCT tents have baby changing facilities and will hopefully still be bf'ing so should be able to manage with boiling on a camping stove for sterilising.

MrsMc82 - do you mind me asking where you hired the caravan from? I could only find really expensive places. My parents have said they'd come if they could stay in a caravan as mum wants to check it out as a possible trader in future.

Bexybear Sat 03-Oct-09 21:07:01

Hi Issy

very brave to think about it. I have to say i would really stuggle at a festival with a five month old on my own - so many practical difficulties like the long hike to the loos - do you feel ok leaving your sleeping baby alone in the tent? All the kit... even breastfeeding and before weening you will still have a lot more stuff than if it was just you (nappies, nappy change kit, some kind of bed for the baby, warm clothes, transportation device/buggy, sun shade). Things that are easy when its just you become super hard if you cant put the baby down (putting up a tent, making a cup of tea on teh stove)and you just need an extra pair of hands. Even the family sites can be really noisy at night, baby might sleep through it, but might not! Also can get very cold at night which suddenly becomes a bit scary with a young baby.

Dont want to put you off as i'm sure its doable just wanted to help you thnk about the reality. I know i probably sounds like a right old anxious mum. We've been to one sometimes two festies a year since DS was 1 (he is now 5) but I do have much more fun now DS is older. And im lucky enough to have a DP to carry some of the burden but we also go with a group of parents and kids and share the load. Even then after 2 Green Man mud bath experiences ive been close to tears at times!

Im sure you are much more hardy than me and maybe you could find a group to go with on mumsnet? And camper vans rock if you can find a cheapish one to rent..good luck!

MrsMc82 Sun 04-Oct-09 22:03:15

Hi issy,
hired from a lovely bloke who had lots of caravans there and it was all set up and ready to move into when we arrived on the weds. Was £400 for the 5 nights and sooooooooooo worth it just to have our own loo alone!! (esp as was going through a stage of peeing at least 5 times a night then!)
Just google 'Tim boddie caravan hire' for his number

Issy42 Sun 04-Oct-09 22:54:19

Thanks MrsMc82. Will do that.

Thanks too Bexybear for your food for thought.

My mum has now said she's happy to camp with me so will definitely be going as long as there are still tickets left on Wednesday (have to wait as she hasn't registered). Am sure dad will come too as he would love Glastonbury. I found a couple of cheaper caravan places online last night so have e-mailed them and will still get a caravan if I can. Hopefully one of them will still have availability. Now just have to pray I get a quiet baby. Two of my friends had babies in May and one would be no problem but the other I wouldn't dream of taking to a festival as he's giving my poor friend a really hard time. I will sell my ticket back if I really don't think I can cope nearer the time, but until she's born it's difficult to know.

Issy42 Mon 05-Oct-09 13:56:46

Tickets sold out last night . Guess that answers the question.

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