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Any1 else have probs sleeping?????

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Dee2009 Sat 03-Oct-09 09:41:33

Hi all,

I've just had 3 days off work due to exhustion/tiredness!!blush I can't seem to sleep through at all i get up every 2hours to use the loosad over the last the couple of days i've slept really well and a couple of nights i managed to sleep for 4an 1/2 hours which was wonderful smile.But last night i was back to getting uo every 2 hours!!

I'm not looking forward to going back to work on manday as i know they will be funny with me saying we all get tired, but this is beyond tired!! I have put in for my maternity leave to start when i am 29 weeks smile at least then i will be able to rest during the day as well!!

Thanks for listening!

blondiep14 Sat 03-Oct-09 10:46:55

Yep! I'm 26 weeks and seem to be having one night's awful sleep then a better night (probably because I'm so tired!). Had probs sleep ing in my first pregnancy too, enjoy your mat leave and sleep whenever you want, tho you'll probably feel better (until about 36/7 weeks!) just because you're not going to work!

Ebb Sat 03-Oct-09 10:49:13

I sympathise. I'm only 6 weeks and I was up every 2 hours for a wee last night too. It's so boring. I could quite cheerfully hibernate til Spring.

How far gone are you? Do you have quite a physical job. I'm a nanny and with my first pregnancy, I was on the go constantly with a 5yo and a newborn. I used to go home at the end of the day and sleep! Now I have a 16mth old and lie ins are a thing of the past. sad I'm actually not feeling too tired in this pregnancy but would definately like a bit more consistant sleep at night.

I hope you manage to get some rest soon. smile

Dee2009 Sat 03-Oct-09 13:56:08

I'm 22+5 weeks so not too long to go till maternity leave now and have got a week in cornwall booked. Am going to do nothing but put my feet up can't wait!!grin Then once we get back its only 4 weeks till M/

Sunnydale Sat 03-Oct-09 14:30:24

Weeing ten million times a night is, alas, v common - but worth checking to see whether you have a UTI (aka a wee infection). I'm 10w and seem always to need a wee. The wee looked a bit wrong, though, so I went to the doctor to get it checked. Sure enough, a UTI. They're vv common in pregnancy - nothing to worry about, doesn't harm the bean but worth getting checked for your own sake. Good luck and hope you sleep better soon.

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