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Is this spd/pgp and is it just set to get worse?

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MrsMc82 Sat 03-Oct-09 04:17:27

Hi all.... I'm 24 weeks now and am Getting scared reading about peoples spd experiences as think i've got symptoms and scared of it getting worse..... (hence being awake at 4am!) Would love some advice please....
Am 24 weeks and Symptoms are:
1. since about 12 weeks i've had awful trouble turning over in bed but pain has been in my lower back, near my "tail bone" and below rather than between my legs, though in last couple of weeks has started to click when turning/getting out of bed and there has been some muscular pain between my legs (kind of at very top of inner thighs) but this is still secondary to the lower back pain....
2. Since about 20 weeks i feel muscular pain in between my legs and in upper inner thigh if i lift anything thats a bit heavy eg, super market shopping bag and everyday things like that.
3. Again since about 20 weeks i've got the same muscular pain in between my legs and in upper inner thigh if i walk any great distance or if i get up from sitting for a long time, when i'm at work for example.

Things that make me think it might not be spd , and that i might just be a whingy cow, are that it didn't start with pain between my legs, stairs aren't a real problem for me and that the problem isn't unbearable as such day to day as the most painful thing is still at night when i need to turn over...

What do you ladies think this is?
Got mid wife apt on thurs so want to be prepared if you think i need to push for further treatment / assessment that might stop this getting worse....
Thanks for reading ridiculously long post

notjustapuppymum Sat 03-Oct-09 11:32:15

Hi MrsMc - I had very mild SPD/Sacro-Illiac pain as you're describing above when I got to around 20 weeks.
Like you I read everyone's stories and scared myself stupid that I would be on crutches within weeks.
I got myself straight round to an osteopath and after 2 sessions was cured.
I'm not 36 weeks and am just starting to get a few pains again so I'm going back to see him next week.
If you can afford it then I would get to an osteo because if you wait for referrals to a physio it could get worse in the meantime and I am dubious about the effectiveness of physio for this problem anyway.
Hope that helps and most of all - don't panic and worry. I was virtually in tears and there was really no need!
Good luck x

MrsMc82 Sat 03-Oct-09 12:41:35

Thanks notjustapuppymum, i sometime saw a osteopath for my back before i was pg anyway so will get back in touch with them... Feeling slightly less panicy now! X

jaype Sat 03-Oct-09 15:03:02

If not an osteopath then a chiropractor - mine has cured my bad back in a couple of sessions. I saw an osteopath in pg1 but she didn't do much for me in comparison. See what works but either can be good!

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