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lower back pain in early pregnancy

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babymeg Fri 02-Oct-09 21:25:04

Hi I was hoping someone could tell me if having lower back in early pg is normal? I'm 6+3 weeks and have had a really hectic day. I've checked for bleeding but none yet, is this normal? Please write back really worried

wonderingwondering Fri 02-Oct-09 21:31:55

Yes, it is normal, I had a dull back ache for the first few weeks with both of mine (and I bled for the first few weeks, too, so try not to worry too much about odd symptoms).

Your ligaments loosen through pregnancy, even really early on, and there's lots of activity down there, extra blood supply and so on which can cause stomach and back ache.

Just put your feet up over the weekend. A hectic day won't cause any harm to your pregnancy, but it might make you feel unwell.

mamaloco Sat 03-Oct-09 05:15:49

I had "period" pain with my 2 pg for the first 8 weeks, and with the last one I also had sciatic pain when my joints were going softer... walked like an old sumo woman for about a week or 2. It will most certainly go away, but be kind on your back, it is not advise to do yoga, back twisting exerces... for the first 3 months if you are doing any sport regularly tell your teacher (I know it is early to tell anyone, but he will know what you can or cannot do).

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