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Calling fellow insomniacs

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Zil131 Fri 02-Oct-09 14:42:26

I’m currently 30 weeks with DC2, and had forgotten about the weird dreams and hours of insomnia. I’m permanently knackered and am now thinking that the exhaustion from all this lack of sleep is worse than the night feeds...?
Come cheer me, up, tell me I’m not alone; and tell me how you spend the lonely dark hours when you can’t sleep...
Maybe I should have posted this at 3am to find you all!!

ViktoriaMac Fri 02-Oct-09 21:22:54

Hi Zil,

I am 29 weeks and in the same position. Totally shattered, but only sleeping for about 2 or 3 hours each night, then just wide awake. I have been falling asleep at about 6 and then finding it impossible to get out of bed, but this morning Braxton Hicks kept me awake from 2.30 am onwards. At 6am I decided I wasn't going to sleep, so went to the gym to swim. Got in just as a very confused DH thought we were being burgled! I have watched a few rubbish documentaries on BBC Iplayer, have read loads of books, done some xmas shopping on internet (like you baby due close to xmas, so need to get it out of the way, had long baths, got totally obsessed with listening to the loons who ring into LBC radio (if outside of London you can listen on, watched the meditation for birth visualisation part of my antenatal yoga dvd. Our local Books etc closed down last weekend, and managed to get a lot of books at 70% off, so have fair few to plough through (though felt bad for the people losing their jobs). Invariably I will be on here most nights sometime between midnight and 6, I'll come back and see if you're around.

ViktoriaMac Sat 03-Oct-09 03:13:11

I'm awake now! Have had 3 hours sleep from 11 till 2.Just finished Maya Angelou's 2nd autobiogrpahy. Am now watching Australia's Next Top Model on YouTube - shameful!

Zil131 Sun 04-Oct-09 04:52:18

Anyone awake??

Just cotemplating baby names and Christmas shopping...

butterscotch Sun 04-Oct-09 20:27:53

Yeap got me to this time worst than last time still in first trimester and getting bad insommia sad

Boblina Sun 04-Oct-09 20:35:22

Hi me too. The funny thing is that my DH the other night had the cheek to tell me that he had a rough night. Now listen to this girls I had got up 4 times during the night (3 for the toilet and once to calm my DS down who was crying) I had also been awake for over an hour with the light on as I was reading. I asked him if he had heard DS or me get up and guess what the answer was - a big fat no. He did not even know that the light had been on. Rough night??? Does he know what they are?

AngelDog Mon 05-Oct-09 07:01:20

Mine's not too bad at the moment (25 weeks) but when I'm awake for hours in the middle of the night, I like doing the ironing, especially things which aren't too difficult to do, like my husband's work shirts. It doesn't take too much brainpower (I usually feel too shattered to usefully read a book), it's fairly therapeutic and makes me feel that I've not wasted my time.

I have heard that doing jigsaws is the ideal way to get back to sleep - apparently there is just the right amount of hand-eye co-ordination to soothe you but help stop you getting stressed. Can't say I've tried it myself - I don't think we even own one!

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