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Has anyone out there conived a girl on the day they ovulated?

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RubiMama Fri 02-Oct-09 08:04:26

Apologies in advance I know this is a bit of a lightweight query for this topic but I am really intrigued....
I know there was a thread recently about whether the 'early conception for a girl and do it on the day you ovulate for a boy' theory was true. I heard lots of anecdotes saying this is true, and a few that buck it by saying that no, their DS was conceived two days beore ovualtion, but what I want to know is has anyone conceived a girl but they are sure they conceived on the day of ovulation?
Am kicking myself because I really wanted to try for a girl this time but I forgot! We only did it once and it was quite late in the cycle and I'm sure it's another boy. I know I'll be over the moon when it's born whatever but I can't help wondering what my chances are....

cheerfulapple Fri 02-Oct-09 09:31:41

me! I can always tell when I'm ovulating and on the day we conceived DD (know date for definite as DH was working away and only came back for a day!!), I said to him afterwards that I would be pregnant as I know I was ovulating. It was a girl

fiziwizzle Fri 02-Oct-09 10:08:27

Yay! You've given me hope, cheerfulapple

RubiMama Fri 02-Oct-09 15:01:57

Ooh me too! Any more out there??? grin

GhostWriter Fri 02-Oct-09 15:05:09

Yup. Had sex once that month on the day I ovulated (dh had been away).

DD is 2.5yrs old.

Of course it's possible.

lazylion Fri 02-Oct-09 15:06:56

me too. i have 2 boys and just had a girl. i can feel ovulation and had done an ovulation test too. i was sure the baby would be another boy because of this so a girl was a big surprise. good luck.

TishTosh21 Fri 02-Oct-09 15:15:13

I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that "girl sperm" can last 72 hours in the uterus whereas "male sperm" only lasts 24?

GuernseyFrench Fri 02-Oct-09 15:17:14

Sorry, but I conceived on my ovulation day (DH works shifts and my ovulation day was on one of his night off so I know!) and I am expecting a boy (according to my 20 weeks scan).

whensmydayoff Sat 03-Oct-09 14:27:09

Rubimama. I started the exact same thread as you!
I read the 'theory' thread then put out a thread asking exact same question as you. I had alot more people saying they conceived a girl on day of ovulation so have a look to give you more hope of a surprise!
I have a DS too and know exactly when I ovulate and this time (27 weeks) I did it on that day too - had never heard the theory until now.
I was really peed off as I thought, shit, now I know the sex, it's another boy and felt it was a real anti climax. Now im convinced it's 50/50 again. x

RubiMama Sun 04-Oct-09 17:29:43

Thanks or your feedback. Fingers crossed for you whensmydayoff! Where's your thread? I haven't found it yet?

RubiMama Sun 04-Oct-09 17:49:48

Duh! I found it! Interesting. I think I felt the same as you. The theory was so ingrained in my head, I thought, oh, I know what it is now. You've convinced me is 50/50 again. But, I have to confess, whilst like you I worship the ground DS1 walks on, as soon as I found myself pregnant I had this overwhelming urge for it to be a daughter. I always felt I would have two boys, and once I became a boy mum I loved it, and always thought it would be nice for DS to have a brother so it really took me by surprise that I felt so strongly. I think because it will probably be my last baby I'm on the edge of my seat to know if I'll ever have a DD or I'll always be boy mum! It's something you wonder about all your life (well I did anyway...hmm will you have children, what will you have... etc. And know I feel OMG, I'm finally gonna know if it's 2 DS's or one of each. It freaks me out a bit that the mystery will soon be revealed!

thaliablogs Sun 04-Oct-09 21:51:52

Tishtosh, that's not a fact, that's an old wives tale!

Yes, conceived my DD on ovulation day. The whole 'select a sex' thing is nonsense.

WillowsMum Mon 05-Oct-09 02:01:34

well just thought i would share my story... im the perfect 28 day cycle always have been, and i always ovulate on the 14th day (believe it or not i can feel it and from which ovary lol) anyway we used a donor and so only had one chance a month to get the right date and i conceived on my ovulation date (a couple of hours after to be exact) and i was 100% convinced it was a boy had the name and everything and only chose to know at the scan to prove other people wrong... well... im now sitting here 40+ weeks pregnant with that said little boy that actually has ovarys and a womb... unless they got it wrong in which case its gunna hate me when its older for dressing it in pink lol

have my fingers crossed for you

whensmydayoff Mon 05-Oct-09 15:30:04

Rubimama. I know exactly what you mean, you put it so well. Im confused as to why im getting so anxious about it now. Im getting worse.
How far on are you - when are you due?
Im nearly 27 weeks, due on 6th Jan.
Will be interesting to find out what we have!
The anticipation is killing me.
Ive been told if I have a second CS I should not consider a third (complications with first)
I think this is what is making me so anxious about it.
What if Im immedietely disappointed I will never know what a DD is like?
What if the knowledge of not being able to have a third makes me panic during labour and causes another CS.
What if??????
Aggghhhhh, PG hormones make me think too much!

RubiMama Mon 05-Oct-09 17:59:44

Thanks whensmydayoff, but I was re reading my post thinking, shit, I always ramble and have typos and never notice them. Only just noticed blatant typo in the thread title, blame it on the hormones...wink
I am not as far on as you, only 10 weeks but the intrigue all started when I went to see my Gynocologist(sp?) this week - I live in Greece and different system here, we get a scan with every check up which is about every 4-6 weeks. Anyway, I asked him if the theory of timing your conception for a boy or girl was true and he said yes, it generally was, and when I told him we only had one shot at it on day of ov he said yes more likely to be a boy. BUT, he also told me the heartbeat theory, that girls generally have a faster heartbeat than boys, and he told me my baby had quite a fast heartbeat. So it was that that got me thinking. I think maybe I was better off believing it had to be a boy because now I'm getting my hopes up and I don't want to be disappointed, it's so confusing sad. I know people often come on MN after posts like these and say we shouldn't be worrying about it, you're lucky to have a baby, don't have negative thoughts about it etc, and I know all those things but I can't help it!
We were going to have this one as a surprise because we knew at 20 weeks DS was going to be a boy (I knew I'd never make it through all those scans without asking, and baby clothes here are awful and I was buying stuff in advance from UK! But yesterday I spoke to a friend who said, if you have a preference, just find out so you can get used to the idea. I think she might be right. I also spoke to another friend who has 2 DS's, who totally undestands my desire but she also said a few things on the plus side of having 2 boys:
-Remember it will still be as totally unique and different from your first, no matter what gender it turns out to be.
-DS1 would probably love to have a little brother.
-They can share a bedroom for longer.
-Think of all the money you'll save not having to buy different clothes, plus it's cute to get to use all those well loved clothes again, plus you don't have to buy anything pink (personally this is one of my reasons for wanting a DD, I want to have a non pink wearing one!)
-Who's to say your daughter will be any closer to you as she grows up than a son. My DS is totally affectionate, and I dread the thought of a strong willed mini-me arguing with me all the time!

I think these are all good points to keep in mind, but I totally know what you mean, and I still want that girl!
I haven't had any complications in the past, but I loathe being pregnant, and this time the sickness is lasting much longer so I keep thinking, I just couldn't go through this again. I'm really intrigued to find out what we both have! What will your age gap be? For me DS1 will be 2yrs3mo when the mystery person arrives. Now, as this was such a long post, I am going to properly check it for typos!

(2 mins later, hmmmm good job I did!)

whensmydayoff Fri 09-Oct-09 13:55:19

Hi Rubimama
Not been on for a while. Im trying to do something useful with my time while DS naps! I've been spending too much time on MN, ha!
I have a scan next fri (16th OCT, 28+2 weeks).
I have totally talked myself out of finding out.
My reason being, if it's a boy I will be too worked up at the birth incase they give me a section and I won't be able to have anymore.
Your friend has a point though, it would be handy to get your head round.
Another way to look at it though -
Imagine they say it's a boy. You'll feel a bit sad right?
Imagine you wait and they hand you a beautiful healthy baby boy, you'll be happy because all the correst hormones will kick in.
Will it not be easier to find out that way?
Just another thought I have had.
There will be 2 yrs 7 months between my DS and baby.
I have so much longer to wait and see what you are going to have - maybe I should be talking you into finding out just for my own curiosity!!

RubiMama Fri 09-Oct-09 14:13:55

You might be successful. I am quite impatient, have just learnt to accept that about myself!
Fingers crossed for you that you don't have a c-section this time. I have a good friend that had a vsuccessful VBAC, and she got her girl, it can happen! x

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