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How many women carry their maternity notes everywhere?

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jazzyazzy Thu 01-Oct-09 22:11:09

I had an appointment today at my prenatal clinic but was told that they wouldn't see me as I'd forgotten my notes. It seems archaic that with current technology where everything is computerised that I'm expected to take my handwritten notes everywhere with me. I was told that even if I pop out to the shops, I'm supposed to take my notes with me. I'm just curious to know, how many pregnant women actually carry their notes with them?

LissyGlitter Thu 01-Oct-09 22:31:06

I take mine if I go miles and miles away (as in, more than an hour or so travelling) and now I am getting much strong BH and baby is head down and so on, I will start taking them out if I have DDs pram with me. I also take them if I am doing anything vaguely baby related - ie I had a breastfeeding class tonight and took them along, but that was mainly so I could put any leaflets we got in the plastic folder thing instead of immediately losing them!

I think if I went into labour, I could pretty easily get my DP or MIL or whoever to pick them up from home pretty quickly. But I have had a relatively straightforward pregnancy so there isn't much they'd need to know straight away that I couldn't tell them myself i think. Most of the complications with me are to do with my history, most of which isn't even in my notes in any detail.

seeker Thu 01-Oct-09 22:37:49

We went to visit pil in Yorkshire when I was 8.5 months gone with dd. My SIL said "Woh, girl - I hope you've got your notes!"

It hadn't crossed my mind - they were 250 miles away!

lucky1979 Thu 01-Oct-09 23:13:31

It's ridiculous they won't see you without your notes - I lost my first set and they had to do a second set, the midwife has a copy of your notes as they tear out the carbon copies when they first take them down so it's dead easy for them to replicate them. It was actually the hospital which replaced them, the midwife filled the other bits in later.

I'd take them if I went away somewhere now (34 weeks) but I'm booked in for a CS because of a non-baby related, non-obvious hip problem. So if I did go into labour before the planned date my consultant said the earlier they can do the CS the safer it is, and I don't want to spend time arguing with hospitals about whether I really need one or not - would rather just provide them with my notes.

Wouldn't have bothered before about 28 weeks though, and if we were expecting a straightforward birth I'd be less bothered too

poorbuthappy Thu 01-Oct-09 23:23:09

Ummm, actually I carried mine everywhere with me both times...BUT

first time because I also had an ovarian cyst which made me higher risk...and I didn't go very far to be honest!

2nd time, it was twins, and I had appts every 2 the end I carried them around in an A4 folder cos there was soooo much paper!

MrsBadger Thu 01-Oct-09 23:31:32

TBH with the lack of reliability / compatibility of computerised notes across the wide range of HCPs you see during pg it actually makes to most sense to keep them in hard copy with the mother herself.

I actually keep mine in the car on the grounds that if I am not takign the car I won't have gone far or for long.

fiziwizzle Fri 02-Oct-09 10:13:26

I was told when I turned up to a scan at 18w without my notes (they still scanned me) that I was supposed to take them everywhere with me. First I'd heard of it. I still don't; they're not exactly handbag-friendly and I have to lug enough stuff about with me as it is. I suppose I would if I was going away, and if I remembered; which with my babybrain, I'm sure I wouldn't!

FluffyCoo Fri 02-Oct-09 10:31:39

Must admit, mine come everywhere with me - but then I do work quite a way from where I live. I have an immense handbag anyway so I don't notice the inconvenience!

Anyway, so much for computerised systems - my GP still has my old address and the hospital have got my surname spelled wrong on their system - despite me having asked REPEATEDLY for them to change this info in both cases... my notes seem to be the only place where everything is present and correct! hmm

lal123 Fri 02-Oct-09 10:35:02

I haven't been taking mine with me anywhere - but would take them if I was going to be more than an hour away from home. Re computerised notes - if you were to go into labout outwith your NHS area then the IT systems are unlikely to be compatible so wouldn't be able to access notes. Also - if e.g. you needed an ambulance/home visit etc hand held notes are much more accessible. I like having ownership of my own notes - makes me feel more in control

TakeLovingChances Fri 02-Oct-09 10:44:23

This is interesting, something I haven't given much thought to yet.

When do women get their notes in England? I live in Northern Ireland and we don't get our notes until our 20 week appointment.

I'm 18 weeks at the minute, am getting my 20 week scan at 22 weeks, so will be getting the notes then.

StealthPolarBear Fri 02-Oct-09 10:44:33

i was told to carry them in later pg and did have them in thelast month or so, just stuffed in my bag,
Agree they are much more reliable than computer systems (and I work in NHS IT wink) simply because they are more likely to be updated and glanced at - the delivery room i was in didn't have a PC!

spicemonster Fri 02-Oct-09 10:46:41

I did but I had loads of complications so it was a bit of an insurance policy

ourraquel Fri 02-Oct-09 11:03:29

I did first time around, religiously, but this time I haven't bothered. This is a good reminder though! Will probably shove them in my bag when I get home from work.

EldonAve Fri 02-Oct-09 11:05:13

I took a photocopy of mine on holiday to the US but otherwise didn't bother if I was just local

MrsBadger Fri 02-Oct-09 11:05:49

TakeLovingChances, in England you usually get them the minute you tell your GP you're pg, or, if you don't see a GP then, from the MW at your 10-ish week booking in.

ErikaMaye Fri 02-Oct-09 11:30:37

I've been taking mine everywhere with me since about 30 weeks, I think... Saying that I don't really get out much blush

ClaireDeLoon Fri 02-Oct-09 11:35:04

I've being trying to think of one

Sunshinemambo Fri 02-Oct-09 11:40:25

Yes took mine everywhere in both pregnancies.

Kathyis12feethighandbites Fri 02-Oct-09 11:42:50

The hospital had mine for ages because I had my 20 week scan done privately and apparently the scan normally triggers them sending the notes back to the mw. So I didn't get them till 25 weeks-ish anyway.

Whem my SIL from Leeds went into labour 5 weeks early when she was staying with her mum in London, she had her notes with her but the hospital wouldn't do ANYTHING - including give her pain relief or the antibodies (or is it antibiotics?) for her Strep B until they'd copied everything out laboriously by hand onto their own version of notes. hmm

Meglet Fri 02-Oct-09 11:44:36

I always took mine with me, just in case something happened and I was rushed to hospital.

But it seems silly they wouldn't see you at your appointment without them.

charleymouse Fri 02-Oct-09 11:56:03

Mine are in my hanbdbag. Take them with me all the time, sometimes leave them in the car as I am usually not far away from it.

Kathyis12feethighandbites Fri 02-Oct-09 11:58:48

Charley - do you have a big handbag or are your notes not a thick wodge of A4? grin

charleymouse Fri 02-Oct-09 12:23:07

Smallish bag, A4 size folded in half 14 pages so folds down flatish, only carry the actual notes.

Cies Fri 02-Oct-09 12:30:18

I've been told that I should carry them with me all the time from now on (34 weeks). But tbh I'll only do so if I'm going to be far from home, seeing as I live about 10 minutes walk from the hospital so someone could always pick them up in an emergency.

CinnabarRed Fri 02-Oct-09 12:36:49

I carry mine with me everywhere, but then this pregnancy (12 weeks and counting) is deemed ultra high risk because of the complications I had with my first.

To make it worse, my maternity unit is in the process of transferring to another hospital, so I not only have to carry my maternity notes, but also my hospital notes from this pregnancy AND my hospital notes from my last pregnancy (was told it was safer than leaving them with the hospital as they might get lost in transition). I literally have to use a ruck sack.

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