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8 weeks pregnant and blood pressure already high... what to do?

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daniwalkes Thu 01-Oct-09 20:29:42

Im 8 weeks today and just had my booking in appointment and my blood pressure is already 150/80 which is high! this is a pregnancy related thing as i have my blood pressure done regularly and until i got pregnant it was around 120/60.
Does this increase my chances of preeclamsia?
the midwife only said that they would need to keep a close eye on it which doesn't really tell me much!
anyone had this and did it turn into a bigger problem?

Thanks in advance!

fairimum Thu 01-Oct-09 20:45:36

It could be a sign but very veyr early, i had what they said was extreamly early onset pre-eclampsia and BP went up at 16 weeks.

I could just have been a one off high reading as I have had these before too.... try not to worry about it as that will just cause it to increase! Make an appointment with the nurse to get it checked if you are worried.... also make sure they do it manually as the automatic ones are not designed to be used in pregnancy and give out much higher readings than what your BP actually is!! My GP always uses the automatic ones regardless if I am pregnant, kept getting sent to the hospital because of it and once it was taken there manually it was much lower... also if you have even slightly large arms they need ot use a larger cuff to take the BP as again it effects the reading!

fairimum Thu 01-Oct-09 20:48:06

Just to let you know that although your BP is higher than usual they don't usually get worried until the bottom number is constantly over 95, even so BP meds can keep BP under control wonderfully if this happens

daniwalkes Thu 01-Oct-09 21:35:01

thank you so much for that. i had my blood pressure done twice in the past couple of weeks and this was the third time... each time its getting higher.
I did have high blood pressure during my first pregnancy but not until the end.
when you were diognosed with the early stages of preeclampsia did it develop any further?
Its just good to know other peoples experiences!

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