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when does the weepiness stop??

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Ok so im 23+4 today and the last 24 hours weepiness has hit me with a vengance!

So far I have cried over 2 very elderly customer sharing chips which i just thought was so cute who knows why i cried!!

and friends husband bringing thier son home a tractor book as a random pressie which also had my in tears as the 5 year old boy is totally in love with tractors!!

what on earth is wrong with me, i feel like a frumpy beach whale who just randomly cries for now reason..... i thought this stage was done and dusted!!!

TheOldestCat Thu 01-Oct-09 22:33:19

I just wept through the birth of twins on 'The Secret Life of Twins' so I can't talk (am 20 weeks). In fact, I weep at just about anything and I did most of the way through pregnancy with DD.

So if you're like me, IT MIGHT NOT STOP. sorry!

whensmydayoff Sat 03-Oct-09 14:36:42

I started getting weepy around 7 weeks of PG with DS. He is 2.4 yrs and im now 27 weeks. I haven't stopped weeping since!
Wait until the baby is 3 days old and your milk comes through.....Niagra Falls!

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