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HIP grant qs please.......

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madremia09 Thu 01-Oct-09 17:42:00

just wondering from your experience how long it took to receive the health in preg grant from when you applied.
Also, does it just go into your account or are you notified by post?
many thanks

madremia09 Thu 01-Oct-09 17:43:45

apologies for double post,no idea why!!

herethereandeverywhere Thu 01-Oct-09 17:44:18

Just goes into your account then they send a letter to confirm that's what's happened.

Took about a week after I sent my application but that was before all the postal strikes - I think the official deadline is something like 28 days.

lal123 Thu 01-Oct-09 20:18:03

took a couple of weeks for me to get mine - went into my account the same day I got the letter

MiniMilk0610 Fri 09-Oct-09 11:21:41

I got mine today, sent form off about 10 days ago...havent received a confirmation letter yet but just noticed that its gone into my account grin

Pinkjenny Fri 09-Oct-09 11:23:05

About 10 days for me. I've bought a very Healthy pair of biker boots so far. grin

saw my midwife yesterday who told me to see her at 25 weeks or pop into maternity unit and they will do form for me! I thought it was later than 25 weeks! I shall be buying stairgates and various other much needed bits breast pump etc! smile

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