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This is probably a stupid question...

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Armi Thu 01-Oct-09 12:58:44

My period is four days late; this is highly unusual as generally you could set a clock by my internal workings. I've tested several times and every time it's a BFN. Given the supposed sensitivity of pregnancy tests, surely I would get a BFP by now if I was up the duff?

AntdamnTheDM Thu 01-Oct-09 13:10:06

You could have ovulated a bit later than usual, due to stress or illness.

You could maybe wait til the weekend and try again.

Were you doing the tests at the right time of the day?

Have you any symptoms?

Armi Thu 01-Oct-09 19:10:23

Thanks for your reply.

Work has been really stressful and I've had a good dose of the lurgy, so perhaps that's the problem.

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