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trying to work out how far gone?!

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thegauntlet Wed 30-Sep-09 19:11:31

So- I have my BFP. It was the biggest shock, I went to the dr after not having period since early july( i was really irregular anyway). I assumed it was stress since I just started a new job (dentist) and had my finals. I took 10 bfn tests at home ( all 2 for a pound at poundland) well- After a half marathon and a few drinking sessions- it seems that somehow between then and now I am Preg! but how far? I havent had a symptom apart from the missed period. I did a clear blue test that suggested 2-3 which means that I am 5-7 weeks, but i did it midday (couldnt wait!) and then read that the dates are only accurate with first urine of the day. I have a midwife apppt next wednesday. Anyone got any idea how much HCG changes between morning and noon? also what should i do about telling work? I dont know what to do as i need to be risk assessed soon as possible- should I wait for the scan? how long will that be? will the midwife be able to do it?

wafflesmum Wed 30-Sep-09 19:49:44

My LMP was 9th July and I was dated at 11 weeks at a scan last Thursday if that helps.

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