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Backache anyone?

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amyboo Wed 30-Sep-09 14:52:39

I'm currently 13+5 with my first pregnancy and have been getting backache for the last week or so. It seems to be mostly in the afternoons (I guess after I've spent most of the day sat down at my desk). It's happening mostly along my ribs at the back, sort of just below where my bra strap sits.

Can anyone share any tips to relieve it or to stop it happening? And, to stop me worrying (already had one m/c) is this normal, or is it something I should be concerned about?

blushes Wed 30-Sep-09 15:48:37

I started getting this too at about your stage- am now nearly 23 weeks. I find that folding a cushion in half (to make it bigger and firmer), and wedging it behind my lower back when sitting at my desk, really helps.

I also started pregnancy yoga, and just having a good stretch all over helps a lot and improves your posture in general.

I'm pretty sure it's nothing to worry about- though am not a health professional- it's just a pain.

NikkiTwinkle Wed 30-Sep-09 16:57:51

I got back ache with my first pregnancy and am just early days with my second. I visit a chiropractor regularly and have just had to book myself in again ahead of schedule because it's getting bad again.
It's all to do with the hormones loosening the ligaments in your pelvis which can throw out your back. If you can afford it a trip to a Chiropractor is well worth the money, just let them know first that your pregnant and they should be able to help and give you exercises. Otherwise Yoga is a big help.
Hope it gets better smile

2greatboys Wed 30-Sep-09 17:23:50

Hi amyboo, have you had a risk assessment done at work?

I remember with my second pregnancy my ribs were really aching, and it turned out it was because of how I was sitting at my desk and the position I was in when using the computer. They made adjustments to how my work station was layed out and got me a lumbar support which really helped.

amyboo Thu 01-Oct-09 07:59:21

I haven't thought of getting the ergonomics people to come and adjust everything... Thanks for putting the idea in my head! I'll go and get an appointment so they can come and sort me out. It seems to be related to my sitting position, so I think I need to get my PC moved....

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