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9 weeks to go & feeling so tearful, did any1 else feel this way

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Tiaxx31 Wed 30-Sep-09 12:02:46

Hi, I feel so low. Looking forward to meeting my baby but my partner is always working as he does full day job, starts at 6am finishes at 3pm then showers and goes to other job for a few hours then home for tea then back off again for a hour or more. I feel as if i never see him and then when he gets home he falls asleep. I feel so low as if im alone. I know he is looking forward to the baby coming and wants enough money for us to live on but i just want to be here and be awake instead of being asleep when he's here. Makes me feel paranoid as if there is another women as him not getting sex from me.

Am i just being paranoid or should i be worried, i told him i thought he was sleeping with some1 else and he said he was wworried now and was i ok. I have already thrown him out once at the begining of the pregnancy as he wasn't being any help what so ever. Just when things got alot better when i let him back, i feel pushed to one side again and don't get any help anymore. Apart from when i got admitted on mon for high blood pressure he cooked tea for him and my son

Anybody with words of support would be greatfully received as i feel like crying all the time today

Yikess Wed 30-Sep-09 15:40:52

Oh Tiaxx you do sound like you are so upset. I think firstly you should remember that when you are pregnant your hormones are all over the place and your reaction is mainly due to this. More importantly you need to make time to sit down with DP and talk about how you are feeling but make sure you are not saying 'he' makes you feel this way just that you are. Do you have any friends and family that can pop over every day to make sure you arnt alone so much? On the days DP is home try to make sure you do something special together even if its just taking a walk. Remember DP is trying to show you support by working hard to get money for your special addition. Sorry I cant be more helpful but we are here to listen if nothing else too. Oh yeah and if you want to cry go ahead - its healthy!

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