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baby hiccups and night time movements

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Hi all was wondering when mums start feeling when baby has hiccups? also what does it feel like?

Also a question for all you mums out there might sound odd but i shall ask anyway....

Is it possible to change the routine baby is showing already at 23 weeks? He is very much a night baby and has me up 3:30 - 4:30 most night kicking and wriggling and then again by 6ish. Is this because i work late shifts and so am awake till 11pm when im working? I finish work in 8 days and so wondered if i could do anything t change his pattern, hes wide awake in the mornings, afternoons he naps alot, then awake in evenings then again in middle of the night. (he seems opposite to me as he wakes when im working and is very active)

Hope this makes sense.

thanks! smile

julietbat Tue 29-Sep-09 09:05:30

Unfortunately there's not much you can do to change a baby's routine in utero - you can have a go when they're out but even that can be doomed to failuregrin. But don't worry, you get more used to it which helps not wake you up quite so much.

Also, as the baby gets bigger and more developed (into the 30+ weeks) they can see the difference between night and day and that often helps to settle them at night. I'm 36 weeks and over the last few weeks I've been woken up far less with kicking (but unfortunately far more with other things - cramp, heartburn, restless legs, aching hips - oh the joy of pregnancywink).

When I was being woken up constantly by my very active baby I just consoled myself with the thought that every time I could feel him moving meant he was ok. Brought a smile to my face every time!

And hiccups - not sure when you can feel them, probably quite soon I'd think. They feel like little kicks but then you realise that they have a totally regular rhythm. So unless your baby is practising a dance routine to a very precise beat, it's probably hiccups!

Best of luck with your pregnancy and enjoy your maternity leavesmile.

thanks juliet!

I dont mind him waking in the middle of the night like you I smile as its a reminder he is doing good and getting stronger every day.

As for the hiccups I wasn't sure as hes normally awake this time of the morning but his kicks seemeed one after another like he was dancing hes stopped now though perhaps its my imagination and he was having a wriggle about smile

DH does think its funny when i wake, use the loo thenproceed to clean or tidy in the middle of the night! smile

Mama2b5 Tue 29-Sep-09 15:12:31

iateallthecreameggsyummy - yeh im with you with the hiccups i feel them and just find it funny as when we went for my scan(22wks) we saw him opening his mouth like he was drinking! also the movement is so constant which im happy for because i know his ok! apart from the dancing on my bladder which makes me get up in the nite! also my DH says when im tuning im like a big lorry trying to turn in a one lane road! KMT how rude! so when i am i just poke him by accident with my elbow!wink

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