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have never felt sick like this before

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tinylion Sat 26-Sep-09 19:56:39

With my first pregnancy, I had a bit of nausea - which went off around 16 weeks. With this second one (7+4 weeks) I feel poleaxed.

What on earth is the point of morning sickness?!? Does it have any benefit at all in pregnancy? Do you get the feeling that if men had to suffer it they would have come up with something useful by now? All it is doing is making me feel desperate and fed up, and my 2 year old is now addicted to CBeebies.

I'm not throwing up, which doesn't make it sound too bad. But I think if I was actually being sick that might make me feel better, but it is a constant feeling of incredible crapness (sorry for exaggeration but feeling so fed up) with permanent sick feelings, tiredness and all I want to do is to lie on the sofa and groan. It starts at 4am, and goes on all day until I manage to get to sleep. Do you think I should make myself sick? would that help?

I don't fancy any food, but then if I don't eat anything I feel much worse.I have to force myself to drink enough fluids cos everything has a horrible taste. Mid mornings are the worse. Does anyone get that feeling of knowing that your body is hungry but feeling oh so sick as well?

My DH is a farmer and is harvesting, so I don't see him at the moment at all as he is sitting on his blessed tractor...

sorry for the moaning and groaning, and I know there are many many women who have it much worse than me. It really helps reading your other MS posts - esp about the poor women who have hyperemesis. I don't have anything like that, but my god it's still crappy!!

jardins Sat 26-Sep-09 20:41:13

You poor thing! I say this with complete sincerity as I have been through exactly the same thing during my last 2 pregnancies and my current one. I am now 23 wks pregnant and I promise you that those awful weeks really do seem like a distant memory. This last comment is meant to reassure you as I recall being around 7-8 weeks and feeling like every day, every week was too hard to bear and knowing the only thing I could do was grit my teeth and get through one day at the time. I was hoping, but not very sure, that it would ease off at the magic 12 week mark. Infact what has happened with each pregnancy is that after wk 10-ish I would get some days when I would feel much more human and then, by week 14-ish the nausea would really have diminished big time.

I too never threw up and I was always greatly humbled by those ladies who did as I have a great aversion to vomiting. But I do agree with you that sometimes I would wonder if it would bring some relief to those horrible feelings of queasiness. The worst for me this time round was having to cook for my 2 DC every evening (my husband was away all week having relocated jobs). The very thought of preparing green beans and sausages made me SOOOOOO sick but I just had to do it. The only thing I could keep down in the evenings was plain pasta sometimes with plain tomato sauce with salt and pepper. I had no pleasure in eating and that horrible taste in my mouth with excess saliva (I still get that from time to time as a sobering remind of that awful 1st trimester).

Yep, you have all my sympathy but I feel confident that in a short time you too will be sailing through the second trimester having (almost) forgotten how rough those first few wees were. I had to constantly remind myself to remain philosophical and that however hard the moment could be this time too would pass by and would seem quite inconsequential in retrospect. I guess I'm so pleased this will be my last pregnancy.

Hope I haven't waffled too much. Keep ranting if it helps. I used to feel quite isolated in my discomfort. Oh, and the diarrohea I suffered. I guess some ladies vomit and some have the runs. Yukkkkkkkk!

Jennylee Sat 26-Sep-09 21:33:26

going through this too is soo baad, I hate it

poorbuthappy Sat 26-Sep-09 21:36:47

Ah yes...first pregnancy I thought was bad but never threw up...

2nd pregnancy, had it twice as bad and threw up alot (nowhere near hyperemesis mind...) and it was when;s your first scan?? wink

jemart Sat 26-Sep-09 21:47:37

I read somewhere that it is caused by all the extra hormones irritating the lining of your stomach - hence you feel most sick and not want to eat when you are in fact really hungry.
I used to force down a couple bits of toast and a glass of milk first thing every day and I found that nibbling on things like raisins, maltesers or crystalised ginger all helped with the nausea. Warm milky drinks are also good.

FinalFurlong Sat 26-Sep-09 21:56:15

I am 7 weeks, and i know exactly how youre feeling. I suffered pretty bad with DD1 but to be honest i had completely forgotten how horrendous it was. Been sick every day this week more than once. Had to abandon trolley in supermarket today!
Its just awful. The constant nausea and even the sight of food is enough to make me want to vomit.

Apparantly morning sickness is a evolutonary thing to protect the foetus from possibly harmful foods (according to wikipedia), such as undercooked meats..ect. But some women just get it worse.

Its a horrid time and i hope it gets better for you soon, my DD is also now watching alot of cbeebies.

The only cure is to moan incessently and constantly tell people how awful it is. Makes me feel better anyway!

MaHobbit Sat 26-Sep-09 22:11:32

I'm 11 weeks and having better days now. Not being sick but really nauseaous at times. My 18 month old keeps prodding me and saying "wake up mummy" or "no bobies" repeatedly when I go quiet. Which doesn't really help. Think the first time round I could rest and eat when I want. This time we have a toddler routine to consider.

tinylion Sun 27-Sep-09 09:46:19

ohhhhh god hadn't thought of twins !!

thank you for all your replies it really helps to just moan sometimes...

jardins - i have the runs too!

well this morning woke up, ate porridge and was then sick for the first time...horrible retching.

My DH said "you seem to be straining really hard when you're sick" errrr, yup, cant help it!!

am sucking on ice lolly and typing with one hand.

roll on 12 weeks!!

TheOldestCat Sun 27-Sep-09 09:51:35

Ah you poor thing. I remember it all too well (am 19 weeks now and also have a toddler). My worst thing was the train to work in the morning - over an hour of feeling terrible, burping (in a very quiet carriage) and having to run to the loo. Classy.

Everything got SO much better after 13/14 weeks and I hope it does for you too. Not much help when that's still weeks away, but hang in there. the constant heartburn is a walk in the park compared to the sickness.

My advice is to eat - if you can - anything that you fancy. Doesn't matter if it's rubbish - if it helps at all, then do it.

timmette Sun 27-Sep-09 09:57:18

Oh tinylion I had really bad sickness for 8 months with ds.I was throwing up so much that I burst blood vessels in my face and even in my eyes - I was very attractive as you can imagine. This time only mild nausea.
However my gynae this time around said there is no reason to suffer when there are medicines to help with the nausea which are safe in pregnancy - maybe ask your gp - nausea is bad enough without throwing up too. Hope you feel better soon.

jardins Sun 27-Sep-09 10:29:12

TheOldestCat, now I have the highest degree of respect for you commuting to London crippled with nausea. I have unpleasant memories of train journeys when expecting DC1. I get so bad when I feel sick that I cannot bear to have somebody touch me: the thought of all those strangers around me and having to share those really intimate moments with them....

tinylion your morning sounds horrid: just think 'one day less to go before it gets better'. Repeat to yourself mantra like 'this will pass'. The runs I've had. The horror of being in a supermarket without toilets, and my five-yr old and having to queue at the checkout, load the car, and drive back home before going to the toilet. My son was so understanding about it all, bless him. Another memory: taking my daughter and mother to see a ballet at the Paris Opéra (we live in France) and being wedged between loads of people, sitting in the dark, and constantly worrying if I would need to rush off to the toilets in the middle of the performance.

I remember feeling so subhuman that I could almost imagine feeling total indifference at suffering a miscarriage 'cos I knew the symptoms would disappear. I mut add that this is ABSOLUTELY not true: I had a mc in March this year and it was tough.

Keep us posted!

LadyoftheBathtub Sun 27-Sep-09 10:34:22

Oh tinylion I could have written this - I'm also on pg2 and it's so much worse than last time - and yes it's not about throwing up (though I have a few times) but the constant feeling ill and being incapacitated by tiredness. It's awful. And I do agree with you that not much of a deal is made of it - my DP has said "but you're not ill, just pregnant" (that didn't go down too well - "I FUCKING WELL AM ILL!" ) and I think if men had it you'd probably get state-funded MS leave and a free nanny!

But, I'm now nearly 16 weeks and just starting to feel better - less nausea, still exhausted but holding out hope it's nearly at an end. You will get there.

LadyoftheBathtub Sun 27-Sep-09 10:34:59

Oh and - I was also worried it was twins - it isn't. Of course yours could be but it doesn't necessarily follow!

kathyis6incheshigh Sun 27-Sep-09 10:48:11

The hyperemesis website is excellent: here.
Even though you may only think you have MS rather than HG, it has lots of generally helpful tips but basically the attitude is that it takes MS seriously, which makes you feel less isolated.
The dividing line between MS and HG is a bit blurred anyway. In some ways it doesn't matter which you have, the important thing is whether or not you are getting the help & support you need.
And Tinylion, in many ways the nausea is worse than the sickness - at one point I used to look forward to the 10 mins after I'd thrown up because they were the only time in the whole day when I didn't feel sick grin, so I can absolutely sympathise.
(Though ultimately I probably wouldn't make myself sick deliberately because the less hydrated you are the worse you will feel.)
Hugs & I hope you feel better soon.

ray81 Sun 27-Sep-09 11:47:35

Hi, i know just how you feel i am 10 weeks Pg with DC2 and feel sooooooo sick ALL the time. I have only been sick a few times and i do feel better afterwards but it comes on very suddenly (being sick) and twice now i have thrown up in the middle of the street, i was so embarressed as you can imagine. I am finding that i am getting ALOT of dizziness too and this realy isnt helping with the feeling sick AT ALL.

I hate going to work at the moment but dont feel like i can call in sick as they wont see me as actually being ill.
Dont get me wrong i am Sooooooooo happy to be pg just praying that this passess at 12 weeks. Please please let it pass.

ThreeistheNumber Sun 27-Sep-09 12:34:58

Hi kathy and ladyofthebath and all other posters. Can completely sympathise with how everyone is feeling. Have been lurking on another thread moaning about my sickness.
Am now 17 weeks and haven't vomited for 5 days so feeling much more positive.
The hyperemesis website is excellent - wish I had discovered it sooner and really wish there was something similar in the UK. I have found myself getting increasingly frustrated and angry this pregnancy at the lack of understanding and help out there. Mumsnet has been a lifeline and I find it comforting to know I am not the only one suffering!
Hang on in there everyone - we will make it.

ThreeistheNumber Sun 27-Sep-09 12:38:06

Oh and my most embarrassing puke was on a bus on the way to work when pregnant with DD2. Couldn't get a seat so passed out over the luggage rail, then came round to find I had puked over someone's suitcase and myself. I was only about 9 weeks pg so then felt I had to annouce my pregnancy to the whole bus so they didn't think I was an old lush with a stinking hangover.

PanicMode Sun 27-Sep-09 12:59:15

Huge sympathies to everyone suffering - it's utterly awful. I'm feeling exactly like you tinylion and I haven't ever felt this bad with any of my previous three pregnancies. It seems unfair that this is happening to me on my fourth, unplanned pregancy, when I'm feeling crap about that in any case....

I find eating little and often helps a bit, but I have had a scan and it's not twins, thank goodness!!!

Bexybear Sun 27-Sep-09 14:29:58

Hi tinylion and fellow suffers

Totally sympathise. I also could have written your post at 7 weeks. Now 11 but have barely left the house for three weeks (signed off sick from work)just shuffled between my bed (in the spare room - cant bare smell of dp) bathroom and kitchen in my pjs like a little old man, burping continuously and existing on cereal and bananas. DP has done cooking, cleaning, washing, school run etc.

Had some slightly better days recently (do the hormones change at 10 weeks?) less utterly exhausted though now have urge to gag all the time. Also dont throw up (phobic so have trained body not to) but have had chronic diorrea since week 6 - really really relived to find out its not just me suffering that...feels like body has gone mad

By the way although the cyclizine I was prescribed didnt work on the nausea it does work a bit on the gagging so might be worth a try if you are throwing up and its not as hard core as some of the anti sickness drugs.

And yes totally agree reading mumsnet ms posts and moaning to anyone who will listen very very helpful!

Kathyis6incheshigh Sun 27-Sep-09 18:16:11

Threeisthenumber - so true about the lack of understanding.
I have just finished work after HG all the way through the pregnancy and I have recently had a message from my HoD criticising my performance over the last few months. When I challenged this reminding him of my illness he replied that my workload should have been easily manageable taking my sickness fully into account hmm. I can only assume he hasn't got the first clue about the nature of hyperemesis and thinks it's like a little bit of queasiness now and again. Needless to say I will be talking to my union (which is why I am so, so grateful for the HER Foundation and all their fab resources actually telling people what it is and how big the impact is).

karney Sun 27-Sep-09 18:46:47

jardins thanks for posting your feelings about Mc during the trauma of relentless Ms. I am so down about it all today. have been constantly sick and nauseous all day and for weks now and I think I just can,t take it any more. I,ve thought how i don't want to be Pg any more and mc maybe wouldn't be so painful cos it would put an end to all this. I,ve had 3mc's and they were horrendous so I must be out of my tiny mind to be thinkin it a "good" idea. I,m just desperate today and can't see an end to this. I,ve got a 13month old Ds who is giving me grief but I think he is frustrated at the amount of time we are spending in the house and I can't give him the attention he really needs cos my head is stuck down the flamin loo for most of the day. I've been prescribed phenergen but tbh I don't feel they are doing much.Oh lord!!sad

Kathyis6incheshigh Sun 27-Sep-09 18:52:29

Karney - there are much better drugs out there than Phenergan. It didn't do much for me either but Cyclizine took me from near-constant vomiting to vomiting quite a reasonable number of times a day.
There are also other things for people who don't respond to Cyclizine. Do go back to your doc and ask to try something else.
So sorry about your mcs. sad

missflutterby Sun 27-Sep-09 19:25:22

oooh JEEMART thanks! Warm milky drinks =good idea! Hot milk and cinnamon is helping here!
Also you can go to the docs if its real bad and they can give you something for it which helps. You only have to take it when you really need it. But lets face it-thats often all the time! Bummer!! I hate it too! xx

missflutterby Sun 27-Sep-09 19:36:56

The doc gave me Prochlorperazine..and if I dont take it I puke! If i do take it I feel queasy , on and off but thats it.

butterscotch Sun 27-Sep-09 21:14:09

Ahhhh I'm the same first pregnancy I found I was generally sick when brushing my teeth in the morning, this time I'm feeling sick all day every day virtually, and dry heaving, only been sick a handful of times but nearly 50 plus...

I'm off milky drinks/tea/coffee anything like that, if I don't eat every couple of hours its worse, with my first pregnancy I nibbled on seeds or salt & vinegar mcCoys when feeling sick, that hasn't worked this time I've not found my food to stop me feeling sick yet sad

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