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veggie and pregnant

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ilovesprouts Sat 26-Sep-09 16:06:25

hi my dd is pregnant ,and also a veggie ,shes taking folic acid till 12 weeks ,but is they anything she could take etc like a vitamin or supplement

reikizen Sat 26-Sep-09 16:14:05

She could take some spatone if her iron is low, but if she is eating a balanced diet she should be fine.

ohnelly Sat 26-Sep-09 18:20:22

Hi im a vegetarian and I take an iron supplement, as I was getting lots of tiredness and it did help. Im 13 weeks now so have switched from Folic acid to a general pregnancy supplement - pregnacare I think its called that has got a bit of everything.

sarah293 Sat 26-Sep-09 18:32:17

Message withdrawn

littleomar Sat 26-Sep-09 18:40:03

i think there are other things apart from iron and folic acid that you're likely to need more of when pregnant, even if you're eating well - off the top of my head, calcium, vitamin e and magnesium. pregnacare doesn't suit everyone because of the type of iron in it (made me feel sick - i switched to one with a different iron source and it's fine)

chegirl Sat 26-Sep-09 19:02:44

I have been veggie with all my 4 pgs.

I had my first DC nearly 18 years ago and the medical staff fairly freaked when they learnt I was veggie. They automatically thought I would be aneamic.

I got a bit aneamic in the last two weeks.
This has been the pattern with all my pgs so far.

I took iron tablets with my DC4 because I was desperate for a home birth and my hb had to be above a certain level. Again I only did this at the end.

The medics dont seem to worry about non meat eaters like they did a few years ago. They certainly dont seem to panic as much grin

willowstar Sun 27-Sep-09 12:51:41

I am veggie, 39 weeks pregnant and apart from Pregnacare which I started about a month before ttc have taken no other supplements. my haemoglobin level is excellent, feel great. so long as she is eating well enough, just as with meat eaters, there should be no need for anything else.

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