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Help! 38 weeks and I just can't sleep

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Murtette Sat 26-Sep-09 04:43:41

The subject matter sums it up really. I'm 38 weeks and haven't slept for the last three nights. I've had the odd sleepless night during my pregnancy but this is getting ridiculous. I just can't sleep and I don't know why - the baby isn't keeping me awake (she's never moved much at night), I'm not that uncomfortable, I'm not stressed etc. Any tips?

For the past two nights I just tossed and turned and would occasionally doze for about 10 mins an hour but that was it. Tonight, I've had a bath, done 2 hours ironing, cleaned the bathrooms and am now thinking of making another batch of soup to freeze as I'm still really wide awake. In between each of these activities I've got to bed for half an hour and tried to doze off but to no avail. Its so frustrating and I'm getting nervous that I'm going to be exhausted before I go into labour. A couple of friends have said its good practice for when the baby comes but I haven't found that particularly helpful - I want to get as much sleep as possible whilst I still can! I'm trying not to sleep during the day in the hope that I'll then go to sleep at night but that trick isn't working.

BiscuitStuffer Sat 26-Sep-09 07:06:42

Oh you poor thing - it's dreadful isn't it? Try 'Noctura' - it's a homeopathic remedy that you can buy from Holland & Barratt or some chemists. Also you could ask your pharmacist if anything like 'nytol' can be taken in pregnancy?

wonderingwondering Sat 26-Sep-09 07:10:36

It is quite normal to be unable to sleep late on. You will manage through labour, but try not to get stressed.

Make sure you rest as much as you can during the day, and at night, rest! Don't clean the bathrooms, read a book or get some headphones and listen to some music.

Try swimming or walking in the day, it helps get the baby in a good position and will tire you out, physically, which may help you sleep.

Besom Sat 26-Sep-09 07:31:07

Try not to lie there saying 'I should be sleeping' or you will work yourself up into a state.

Realise that any rest at this stage is good for you and you will get some benefit from it, even if you are not actually sleeping, so try to think 'I'm lying down, my body is resting, so is my mind and this is good'.

Sleep/rest during the day if you feel tired or else you will get over tired and will probably make it harder for yourself to sleep, not easier.

Best wishes for when the time comes!

BrokenBananaTantrum Sat 26-Sep-09 07:36:30

Get one of these if you haven't already. They are fab and really helped me.

Neon Sat 26-Sep-09 08:16:27

Hellooo. What helped me in a desperate state recently was Horlicks light. I do have to hold my nose to drink it (blush) but whether it was psychosomatic or not I slept both times that I had the appropriate dose and have had good sleep with just a mild dose too.

Was waking every hour and having to pee too. With Horlicks - slept from 23:00 until 04:00 and again until 07:30. What a miracle potion!!!

I haven't taken it regularly as I don't want to become immune to it when bubs arrives grin!!!

BiscuitStuffer Sun 27-Sep-09 08:58:56

Neon - you can have as much as you like of it as it is just a drink like hot chocolate - just a different flavour. The hormones will help you get straight back off to sleep when bubs arrives - breastfeeding is particularly good for the sleepy hormones!

Bexybear Sun 27-Sep-09 17:00:26

might sound a bit mad but there are lots of hypnotherepy CDs on teh market aimed at pregnant women often to prepare you for the birth. They are really good at helping you relax, always sent me straight off to sleep. Even if they dont send you to sleep they will help you relax and prepare you for the birth at the same time - multi tasking right up to the end!

alana39 Mon 28-Sep-09 10:00:55

Murtette if nothing else works then do sleep if you feel like it during the day. Once the baby's here (assuming you don't have other DCs at home?) you'll probably find that's essential at times anyway if you've been up alot in the night. And don't stress about it - it's entirely normal, I'm just over 35 weeks and haven't slept through the night for about 2 months and getting worse but I am trying just to stay in bed and rest as even the odd bit of nodding off is worth it.

midnightexpress Mon 28-Sep-09 10:04:35

It's good practice wink.

I would check with a pharmacist before taking hebal rememdies (though Noctura is homeopathic not herbal, as BiscuitStuffer says, so might be OK). The herbal ones often contain valerian, which isn't recommended in pregnancy.

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