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what did you do in your last week?

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giggly Fri 25-Sep-09 23:03:56

I am 39+4 with no movement in sight, I am way beyond bored reading watching tv, amusing dd aged 4.

In fact mood slowly dropping day by day. I can hardly move as my feet are so sore, and family have banned me from driving.

I have done the nesting bit and to be honest cant be bothered cleaning anymore, not that the house needs ithmm.
My freezer is stocked to the hilt with enough homemade soup to do the last supper.

My family are helping with dd and dh is trying to amuse me, but I am so fed up, only so much MN you can do in a day.

Has anyone found the holy grail of final week amusement?

Biglips Fri 25-Sep-09 23:05:04

i napped as much as i can! wink

claireyfairey1975 Fri 25-Sep-09 23:11:54

if you can manage it (easier said than done I know) try going for a walk with someone!!
If you have a child in a buggy, push them ,gives you something to lean on.
I found this really helped. In fact am convinced walking brought on labour with eldest after walking for 30 mins from car park to antenatal appt at 40 wks.
The very best of luck xx

mrswee Sat 26-Sep-09 08:56:19

I am 39+4 too... I know exactly how you feel! I can't walk very far at all, have SPD and super swollen feet.
I have been trying to do one thing a day, even if that is just going to the super market or having a long phone call to an old friend.... it's just and no more keeping me from tearing my hair out.

I have also stopped switching the telly on till the evening, channel hopping and day time TV was actually making me more bored. I've been listening to music instead, good for cheering me up.

My DH was working last night, all night, but he encouraged my friends to give me a call and suggest coming round for the evening. Ended up having four people round and we got a take away, that was good for the soul and will last me a few days in entertainment!!

good luck!

LadyMetroland Sat 26-Sep-09 14:42:05

I'm in the same boat (40+3 today), and the worst thing is -- it may not even be the final week! Am convinced I'll go really overdue and the thought of another two weeks of doing nothing is driving me mad!

One thing I would advise is trying to go for a walk every day even if you don't feel like it or even if you can't walk very far. May help get labour started and the fresh air does you good.

Also going for a drive is quite nice (why are you banned?!) Sit on a plastic bag and take your notes and mobile phone with you

I'm going to start a 1000 piece jigsaw later (ooh the excitement!) will lay it out on dining room table and put radio 4 on for company. Will hopefully kill a couple of hours each day.....

giggly Mon 28-Sep-09 14:14:29

not banned exactly from driving, just old neurotic parents who worry about about other peoples driving. I just about manage to go out for the papers most days or potter in the garden, although my back hurts after about 5 minutes.

God I don't have the patience for going on for another week. Have my o/p appointment on Wed, might try to persuade them to induce me.

I know I shouldn't moan as soon enough will not have enough time to pee.

pluto Mon 28-Sep-09 14:19:43

Sorted out photos into albums and went through loads of old paperwork and chucked rubbish and decluttered generally. Enjoyed last moments with PFB.

Gateau Mon 28-Sep-09 14:50:16

I know it's hard but try to content yourself with relaxing. Even go to a nearby coffee shop with a book or magazine and enjoy the change of scene. I was so sorry I didn't do more relaxing before DS1 came along!
Have pledged to do more of it before DC2 comes - due in 3.5 weeks - but I'm working up to two weeks before due date so mightn't have that much time!

dan39 Mon 28-Sep-09 15:59:12

I knitted a big purple and lilac blanket for dc in my last week or two; it fet like a game/race as it was made up of squares and I knew I would never finish it if I didn't get it done before she arrived! Its really badly knitted but I do love it and it was very calming to do!

ladyhelen2 Tue 29-Sep-09 08:28:28

Sleep sleep and more sleep. With a bit more sleeping.

CuntWhacker Tue 29-Sep-09 08:32:48

Took DD out for a lovely day with just the two of us

Ate lots of pineapple
Had lots of sex
Had lots of curries
Walked everywhere

ladyhelen2 Tue 29-Sep-09 08:37:11

CW LOL at moaned. Did plenty of that too inbetween the naps.

giggly the day I went into labour,( obviously I didn't know this when I got up that morning) DS1 was around as it was one of his non nursery days. I ended up having to take a stroll to go and get something I needed. At 4pm that afternoon, just after I had gone upstairs to have yet another nap (just in case I needed to bank some sleep in case I went into labour , ha ha), my waters broke. Have s stroll,have a nap, it could work!

QueenOfFuckingEverything Tue 29-Sep-09 08:41:45

I went bananas and insisted on doing things like getting the bus into town (5 miles each way!) on my own to get dog shampoo as I was worried about Bad Dog Smells affecting my pfb.

And lots of lie-ins, fair amount of sex, and walking every day.

hophophippidtyhop Tue 29-Sep-09 17:14:59

Finished washing new nappies, stacking the freezer, bit of cleaning at the beginning of the week so I could sit down and watch seasons 2 and 3 of medium for the rest of the week. Halfway into ep 3 of second season my waters broke!

tinylion Wed 30-Sep-09 19:14:58

Was working! Had own business, so worked in the morning, moaned at everyone, got rather stressed at something very very insignificant. Got told to go home, and sat on window sill watching horses in field, feeling lonely and HUGE. Was so big could only wear pyjamas (with wellies and coat for waddling over to our business - we live on a farm...)

And then went into labour.

I remember being cheesed off as I was 2 weeks early and I wanted 2 weeks of lying on the sofa reading library books (I have a GINORMOUS lazy streak wink)

mumbot Wed 30-Sep-09 20:46:04

Hi with DS1 I went to 40+12 before he arrived, we did lots of walking but I ended up too tired when the labour arrived. My advice would be to let nature take its course, relax and get your sleep in while you can! Good luck.

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