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Has anyone been successful in avoiding OC in subsequent pregnancies?

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Tomatefarcie Fri 25-Sep-09 19:04:00

Didn't have OC in first pregnancy.

Developped it quite late (37-38 weeks) with DD2, but then it went mad. Urso didn't do anything, bile levels kept going up by the minute.

Was induced, delivered at 39 weeks.

Am currently 25 weeks pregnant.

Is there eanything I can do to strengthen my liver?

Has anyone been successful with homeopathy?

Would I be wasting my time/money?

Should I just accept that I will get it again, or is there a chance that I won't?

Will I ever stop asking questions? wink

FlamingGullah Fri 25-Sep-09 19:05:57

So interested in this thread!

Not pregnant but considering a third baby.

Didn't have OC in first pregnancy. Developed it at 33 wks in second pregnancy and baby was delivered at 37 weeks after similar situation to OP.

crumpette Fri 25-Sep-09 20:58:22

Hmm, there is over an 80% chance of it recurring in each pregnancy

Hepatologist friend told me that OC can go hand-in-hand with pre-eclampsia. If you had that before, there is a chance that it would have had an effect on your liver function and would have facilitated OC, thus if you keep your b.p. down and don't get that again then theoretically you'd be less likely to get OC again

However that isn't widely accepted as fact by most obstetricians.

I'd say you're likely to have it again..

Have heard of many remedies that can be taken to 'strengthen the liver' etc and improve liver functioning, remedies such as milk thistle I think and obviously detoxifying and cleansing vegetables etc, but personally I wouldn't advise adding lots of supplements as these will need processing, by your liver!
I would say just keep your lifestyle as healthy as possible and bear in mind that the current medical opinion is that the risk of sb isn't as high as once thought wih OC so induction early is no longer the accepted treatment, 39 weeks is now recommended generally

sorry not a helpful post!! good luck smile

Tomatefarcie Sat 26-Sep-09 14:00:32

Hi Crumpette! Thanks for your reply.

I didn't have pre-eclampsia with none of my pg, yay!

I am trying to keep a healthy lifestyle, but it's harder than I thought! (currently eating a crunchy bacon-cheese toastie hmm).

Must try harder.

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