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Help Panic! Just vomitted blood !

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PavlovtheForgetfulCat Fri 25-Sep-09 10:23:53

Been sick for days...uti, sickness with it, on abs.
I have kept nothing down all morning, been sick 5 times already and have just had a violent vomitting episode, did not think i had any liquid left but lots came up and then followed by several rounds of dark blood. Not streaked with blood, but liquid that looked very dark red.

I am panicking that its something horrid, is likely just a tear on the way up?

Have gp appt at 11am, already booked. Lucky as appts are like rocking horse shit.

ChunkyChick Fri 25-Sep-09 10:30:33

GP ought to send you straight to A&E. Let us know how it goes

randomtask Fri 25-Sep-09 10:30:52

Oh crap. No advice at all but I hope it's ok and the GP isn't worried.

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Fri 25-Sep-09 10:32:28

thank you. feel v hot but do have sun right in my front room - can't find thermometer to check. I feel like poop.

maybebaby23 Fri 25-Sep-09 10:37:05

i'll bet it is from a tear that has bled after your last sick episode and it's gone down into your stomach..then mixed with bile or whatever it may look darker?? Hope you are ok. Ive vomited quite a lot of fresh blood after a bad sickness thing like you describe. Good luck at GP

WhereTheWildThingsWere Fri 25-Sep-09 10:37:39

Don't panic, all all likelyhood it is just a tear, it sounds like you have been having a horible time.

Ab's can really irritate you stomach lining and vomiting blood is often given as a side effect, you are doing the right thing going straight to your gp, I'm sure it will be easily sorted.

If you have a uti, and having been vomiting for days you are bound to feel crappy, you probably feel hot because you are panicing, lie down somewhere cool and take some deep breaths and sip some water[smile}.

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Fri 25-Sep-09 12:01:59

you were right, tear in stomach lining. been given suppository anti-emetics as i am not keeping anything down, and also something to reduce acid in stomach to give my stomach a chance to heal. gp said my poo might be black too from blood from tear so don't panic.

He said sickness is likely a part of uti, and should stop soon. Checked urine and no ketones, but some lucazoids? (thats what it sounded like!!!) he was not concerned, said to be expected. whatever that means.

dh has gone with dd to get prescription and take her to park. Poor dd (or me i guess) she is spending a lot of time doing stuff with daddy as mummy is too poorly a lot of the time sad

memorylapse Fri 25-Sep-09 12:19:00

pavlov..the leucocytes in your wee are normal if you have a wee basically means white cells in your urine indicating an infection..hope you get better soon

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Fri 25-Sep-09 12:20:20

memorylapse - oh is that what they are! funny i thought he said something different - makes sense now!

alypaly Fri 25-Sep-09 12:24:59

how the hell can a GP see inside your stomach to diagnose that. Is he off his trolley. would go to A and E if it is that much blood.

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Fri 25-Sep-09 12:28:20

aly - i am guessing he has seen enough of me to have an idea whats going on with me? And being on ABs and having a UTI if all that makes it common guess that makes it so? although he did not check my blood pressure this time or check stomach etc (prob as I had consultant appt this week and all was ok baby wise)

WhereTheWildThingsWere Fri 25-Sep-09 12:28:37

Glad you are all ok, try to rest and relax, dd will get her mummy back soon, and it's good for her to spend time with her

MmeLindt Fri 25-Sep-09 12:29:27

Are you a doctor? That was not a helpful post. Several posters stated that vomiting blood is listed as a side effect of ABs/UTI/sickness. The doc agreed with that.

Hope you are ok. Good on your DH for letting your rest. If you vomit again, put it in a jiffy bag and send it to your builder.

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Fri 25-Sep-09 12:33:03

great idea mmelindt grin

corblimeymadam Fri 25-Sep-09 12:34:03

Message withdrawn

alypaly Fri 25-Sep-09 12:35:40

no not exactly but in in medical prof for 30 years

alypaly Fri 25-Sep-09 12:37:46

only reason i posted was that a close friend of mine vomited blood and she ended up in hospital for 2 weeks and with a tranfusion because she had a stomach ulcer that she didnt even know about....just concerned for OP

belgo Fri 25-Sep-09 12:38:34

Just seen your other thread pavlov - I also had vomiting during pregnancy diagnosed as Mallory Weiss syndrome - tears in the oesophagus. It was very nasty. I hope the anti emetics work and you stop vomiting soon, and your UTI gets better.

alwayslookingforanswers Fri 25-Sep-09 12:39:22

yes but presumably there are other symptoms with a stomach ulcer?

alypaly Fri 25-Sep-09 12:42:11

she didnt even know she had an just happened. IT was really worrying as she had no history of stomach problems either. Thankfully she is ok now but it really frightened us

MmeLindt Fri 25-Sep-09 12:46:27

Sorry, Alypaly. Your post was quite abrupt. I did not realise that you were speaking from personal experience. Is your friend ok now?

alypaly Fri 25-Sep-09 12:49:50

MmeLindt..sorry if it came over that way...not intended to be abrupt. Have lost alot of faith in Gps myself this last 3 years as they nearly caused me, life threatening problems recently,by missing things.

Yes thanks ,my friend is fine now..but was taken by ambulance a soon as she phones the hopsital with her symptoms..thank god.

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Fri 25-Sep-09 13:00:29

Alypaly - i appreciate your concern smile and be sure if I vomit more blood I will do something more about it! But, for now at least. I have not been sick for almost 3 hours so am hoping to feel better soon.

I am thinking that HE up to quite recently has made my stomach lining quite delicate too.

alypaly Fri 25-Sep-09 13:06:26

glad you havent been sick againsmile

WhereTheWildThingsWere Fri 25-Sep-09 13:24:05

I think if someone posted to say they were vomiting blood completely out of the blue most people would advise them to go to a and e if they couldn't see GP immediately.

However vomiting blood in pg is quite common, and it also a know side effect of ab's and seeing as the op was pg and taking ab's.....

The sound of galloping hooves is more likely to be a horse than a zebra, and all that.

Glad your friend is fine though.

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