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Worried about small fundal measurement

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picklesrule Thu 24-Sep-09 20:19:19

Having had a look at some old threads I think I am probably worries about nothing but wanted to get some more opinions to try and put my mind at rest!

Had scan at 32 weeks, all normal/average size
Measured fundal at 35 weeks, was only 32.5cms and senior midwife said then that if the measurement had not increased by next appt I would have to have another scan.
Measured again at 37 weeks and am only measuring 33cms... Different midwife today and she seemed unconcerned about the size/lack of increase..

Didn't really question her too much but now can't help wondering why the first midwife said we would need a scan and whether anything is wrong?? Or is it just a generally inaccurate measurement that I shouldn't put too much emphasis on?

Any thoughts much appreciated!

thisisyesterday Thu 24-Sep-09 20:22:47

i wouldn't worry, the measuremrent can vary due to how they place the tape, how the baby is lying, and your own size.

i was sent for a scan at 38 weeks as i mweasured small. gave birth to a 9lb 11 baby!!!

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