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terrible wind or labour?

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baby1onway Thu 24-Sep-09 15:32:36

this sounds so silly but im gettin terrible pains in lower abs and back.they ease off a bit after a while then come back feels like awful wind-but no actual wind?? (blush) they stopped completely bout hour ago but have started again. im 38+4 its my 1st and not had any braxton hicks so i have no idea wot 2 expect!!

Does it feel a bit like the pains you have with diarrhea/your period? if so then yes it could be contractions (or braxton hicks)

You could try having a bath or a sleep and see if they go away. If they do it's not proper labour yet. When you're in real labour there's no stopping them, usually!

And yes, it could also be wind! everything feels odd down there when there's an enormous baby pressing on your bowels!

baby1onway Thu 24-Sep-09 15:44:42

yeh does feel like diarrhoea pain. theyre very irregular tho. feels really strange.had a stressful nite in hospital with the bf, just my luck if i go into labour 2day!! thanks 4the advice

Luxmum Thu 24-Sep-09 15:47:15

Braxton Hicks feel just like your stomach goes all hard, it never hurt me, and never went round my back. I got loads with my last 2 pregnancies, but none so far in my 3rd. They dont hurt, last seconds, and just feel wierd. Contractions on the other hand, are the most god awful period pain aches all over your lower back. Exactly like really bad period pains. When I have wind it's usually a stabbing pain in my right side. A good friend of mine was having lunch with me (got 2 kids) and BF, who also has 2 kids. She complained of awful back pain, and was 38 weeks. neither of us copped it was labour. She left the lunch, went to hospital and gave birth 3 hours later. So actually, i am the mopst useless person to me replying to your message grinI would suspect you're in labour, if so, do take that warm bath, relax, see how often the contractions are coming, and dont bother going to the hospital till they are really regular - going to the hospital early is statistically proven to actually slow your contractions 8somethign to do with the bodies subliminal reaction to not being in a home or familiar environment.) Good luck.. hope that bag is packed already..

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