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Sore breasts have disappeared

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Babyloveslisa Thu 24-Sep-09 11:54:11


I was just wondering if its normal for my breasts to STOP being tender?

Today I have woken up (am 4 weeks, 1 day pregnant), and the infuriating tenderness of last night's breats has gone altogethor. They were tender all of last week. I miss them now and am really worried.. x

helenlouisey Thu 24-Sep-09 11:59:46

Hi Babyloveslisa, Congratulations on your pregnancy, I really wouldn't worry, I found my symptoms came & went on a daily basis, some days breasts very tender & felt very sick & next day nothing. Try to relax ( I know easier said than done !!!) am sure everything will be fine

Babyloveslisa Thu 24-Sep-09 15:27:22

Thanks ever so much, helenlouisey x

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