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Larger size maternity clothes - any suggestions??

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mum2phoebs Wed 23-Sep-09 21:50:16

I am currently 12 weeks pregnant and am a size 18 trouser and size 22 top.

I am obviously going to put on weight during this pregnancy and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to where I can buy "nice" larger size maternity clothes.

I know Next go up to size 22 but it is a small 22!

Appreciate any suggestions

5inthebed Wed 23-Sep-09 21:55:44

I had this problem when I was pregnant last year. It was a nightmare (sorry). I bought a lot of tunic style tops, and wrapover dresses and wore them over maternity jeans or trousers. Most in stretchy materials. I bought most of the tops from Evans, in the net size up and they fitted all the way through to when I had him. H&M maternity stuff is quite generous as well.

If you want, I can have a look at what I have left, as I think most of it went to my friend who has just had her baby.

Congratulations btw, when is your baby due?

Deemented Thu 24-Sep-09 07:07:49

Evans, SImply Be or Ebay!

george at asda !!!! not all stores stock it but you can order on line, i am usually a 20-22 but i had size 18 mat jeans from there and only £12,

Simply be are ok, littlewood too, hope that helps xxxx

Congrats BTW

ILoveStripeySocks Thu 24-Sep-09 16:40:42

I bought mine at Dorothy Perkins (larger stores or online) . Their maternity stuff goes up to a generous 22.

mum2phoebs Thu 24-Sep-09 17:36:14

Thanks everyone - forgot about Asda, got loads from there last time but I was a 14 then! will go and have a good browse!

MrsKitty Fri 25-Sep-09 08:26:33

I was a 20-22 pre pregnancy...

Next maternity (trousers in particular) are far more generously cut than their normal stuff. Also try Ebay for Gap/Old Navy stuff.

I've found te ASDA stuff to be noot very well cut at all, and odd shapes. Not flattering.

H&M tops are mostly well sized and flattering - trousers a bit hit & miss though.

M&S have a small range - got some great jeans from there.

Online La Redoute do some bigger maternity wear - I've not had any clothes from there but have just had some lovely PJ's delivered.

giggly Fri 25-Sep-09 17:31:19

Don't touch simply Be trousers they are rubbish, always falling down.

M&S do wide leg soft jersey trousers that are really comfy and look good with tunics, they go over your bump which I found made all the difference, if like me I had a big belly before pregnancy the under the bump are a nightmare for fall out belly blush not attractive.

Second next for enough room, I was size 20 before and stayed in a 20 at next.

I also in both pregnancy's bought normal dresses from M&S and tried them in changing room with a jumper tucked in belly to judge growing room, both were wore to death.

Mothercare sizes are really small to although they do bras up to size 44.

mrswee Sat 26-Sep-09 09:06:35

For pjs and lounge wear try Peacocks.
I have about 6 pairs of nice black strechy trousers for wearing around the house/in bed. They are smart enough to wear out of the house if you wanted. They cost about £6 each so can't go wrong there really!
I have bought a bunch o stuff from there for going to hospital to have the baby, I won't feel guilty bout chucking it out if I have to after!

T shirt dresses worn as tunics over jeans/trousers or leggings, have worked well for me too.

mrswee Sat 26-Sep-09 09:07:37

'of' and 'about' sorry! bad morning typing!

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