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32 weeks measuring 27 weeks

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Boblina Wed 23-Sep-09 13:16:30

Hi there, I am not worried but just thought I would check. I have a midwife appointment and as I have a small bump she measured me and I measure 27 weeks. I am not that worried as this is my second and I was small with DS. Well I think so. I was never measure. I can feel the baby move and everything so I am not worried there. I have a scan in a couple of weeks to check the growth of the baby. Why am I so small. I mean I am small myself.

bluefootedpenguin Wed 23-Sep-09 21:22:54

Hello. I had this with my pregnancy and it got ridiculous! depending on who measured me, my chart went up and down. I ended up having late growth scans and was starting to get quite panicked as everyone was telling me I was going to have an incredibly small baby! Scans were fine and I went to 40+5, delivered very healthy baby girl 6lb 8oz. In the early weeks she did her catching up, sometimes putting on a lb a week - not bad for a Bf baby! Personally, I think the charts are a bit useless unless you are the absolute norm. I'm usually a size 8-10, tall and slim. My chart said I should have been having a 9lb baby which I was sure was never going to happen! My MW even told me that the chart was pointless.

katnkittens Wed 23-Sep-09 21:49:18

I am 6 foot and I was summoned for weekly scans as I was 'too small' and my babies (2 of my pregnancies) were not growing properly.
The first time with my son I was even induced at 38 weeks (he was 7lb 10oz).

The second time I was allowed to wait (with weekly scans) and dd2 was 7lb 13oz.

I know loads of people that this has happened to (tall and small).

I know they're just taking precautions but it worried me sick for no reason!

I'm sure everything will be fine,


Boblina Thu 24-Sep-09 13:12:51

Thanks to you both. It makes me feel better to hear from people who have had this. I am usually a size 8 so I did not think that I would be that big when pregnant. Just wanted to check as DS was prem and I am very worried about having another prem baby. I mean he is fine and doing ever so well. If this one follows the same way I shall have n2 next week. So keep your fingers crossed for me that this one stays in a little bit longer. I am not talking 40 plus just another while, full term 37 weeks. I am looking forward to the scan though just to make sure that everything is ok and well I get to see him or her again. Thanks again for your comments.

PanicMode Thu 24-Sep-09 13:27:00

I have had to have growth scans through all three of my pregnancies as they always worry that I'm too small - but I've had three good size babies - 9lbs 8, 8lbs 8 and 8lbs 3!!

Apparently I have a longer body than legs so I manage to tuck them into my abdomen more neatly - or something hmm.

Given that they measure with a tape measure and you may see different MWs each week (I certainly did in London) there are bound to be differences - try not to worry too much!

BlueChampagne Thu 24-Sep-09 13:41:20

I saw my mw yesterday and she said I was measuring too small for dates too, so I'll be getting an extra scan. The tape measure is a very crude measurement, as the others have so wisely said, it depends on your build and how the baby's 'packaged'. DS came out at 3.4kg (7lb 8oz). I am 1.70m (5'8"), size 10 and still doing quite a lot of exercise. You'll get a much more accurate measurement from the scan and I'm sure you'll be fine.

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