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Doulas come speak to me!

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EasyEggs Wed 23-Sep-09 08:49:32

Ok so just need some basic info if you don't mind helping out a fat bird wink

Currently 32+1 with #5. Have had quite straighforward births so far...

1 - hospital, 10hrs, G&A, Peth, no probs
2 - hospital, 5hrs, no probs
3 - HB, was planned but quicker than expected so no MW's, 3hrs, dp delivered but no probs
4 - HB with mw's, about 4hrs, baby bit stuck as had arm up over head and totally tangled in cord, quite a lot of bleeding afterwards.

I have been advised to go into hos this time as # 5's are tricky and with the bleeding last time they want to err on the side of caution. I don't mind that, I could do with a night away anyway grin

Now I am being scanned again at 34wks after it was found I have a very low placenta at a private scan. So could well end up with a section this time - I am terrified!!!

Apart from that I am worried about coping with 5 lo's for the first few weeks even if I have a "normal" delivery let alone a section and the recovery from that.

Other dc's are almost 1, 6, 8 and just turned 2.

Basically after all this waffling I'd just like opinions as to whether it would be worth considering a Doula??

What exactly would the benefits be, what do you do? (also how much would I be looking at for your services?!)

Hope that makes sense in some way smile

EasyEggs Wed 23-Sep-09 10:28:20

There was supposed to be a please in thread title too blush

EasyEggs Wed 23-Sep-09 13:45:21

Ach you're probably all away at births doing Doula things grin

Shall be patiently awaitng your return!

LylaB Wed 23-Sep-09 15:12:31

Can I just say you are one amazing mama ! Congrats on all the DCs.

Your doula is there to provide you with physical and emotional support. You can either have a prenatal or postnatal doula or both. Prices vary accordingly.

Take a look at Doula Uk's website for more information :

Good luck. smile

daxibaby Wed 23-Sep-09 20:56:06

Where do you live?
A birth doula would be great, but maybe a post natal doula would also benefit? Have you thought about that at all?

Passionatedoula Wed 23-Sep-09 21:24:50


I am a birth and postnatal doula! You sound like an amazing mother who is a natural!!!

A doula is there to give you and your family emotional and physical support before, during and after birth.

We would go over your birth prefrence, all options that you have, what your wishes are and how to go about getting the birth you want, breastfeeding and anything else that you wish to discuss.

I am available via phone, email or person at any point if you need any advice help or a chat.
I go on call 2 weeks before your due dater up to 2 weeks after, but obvioulsy if you into labour before hand will do everything in my power to be there.
Whilest I can not overide a midwives or doctors decision (they are responsible for your and babies lives), I can be an advocate for your wishes and try to come to comprise with the medical team to ensure you get the birth you want whilest the medical team feeling confident about your safety.

As a birth doula, postnantaly we have 2 post visits to go over the birth, breastfeeding and help you get into a routine. However if you wanted additional postnantal help this would involve all the above plus helping with housework, your other children and getting rset. Unlike other home help postnatal doulas try and ensure that you feel confident after 6 weeks to not have to pay for extra help but if you needed it I would be there.

I have a beautiful dd who will be 3 in jan. I would charge £150 plus travel.

I hope this information has been helpful to you.

EasyEggs Wed 23-Sep-09 22:03:12

Thanks so much smile

I will take a look at the link, thanks Lyla

I'm in West Kent. I was thinking I'd really need a postnatal Doula as I have no idea how baby is going to fit in with the madness here and how I'm supposed to fit everything in, arrghhhhh I'm panicing just thinking about it! Just need some reassurance until things are in more of a routine.

Thanks for the info Passion Nice to know what goes on, sounds fab smile

Right off to have a read up now...

daxibaby Sat 26-Sep-09 12:33:05

Hi EasyEggs
If you do need any info or recommendations please give me a shout...x

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