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What other reasons for a missed/late period?

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Ozziegirly Wed 23-Sep-09 04:01:44

I am currently on CD30. I normally have a regular 27 day cycle since coming off the pill 4 months ago.

DH and I had sex at the right time this month.

I took a clearblue digital pregnancy test on Tuesday (yesterday) (1 day late) and it came back as "not pregnant".

Still no AF though.

I have no pregnancy symptoms at all (although I have never been pregnant before to compare it!).

So what else could be causing this lateness? I haven't been stressed and am not on any drugs/medicines.

Has anyone else missed a period with a neg HPT and no symptoms and then gone on to be pregnant? <hopeful emoticon>

Longtalljosie Wed 23-Sep-09 06:58:46

Well, you're right about stress being one factor - the other is that I found after I came off the pill my cycle length changed after about 4 months, which is a good thing I think, a sign your body is properly flying solo without the pill's influence any more.

Or... you could be up the duff of course! grin Clearblue's pretty sensitive but try again in a couple of days

EldonAve Wed 23-Sep-09 07:04:14

Did you do the test first thing in the morning?

With DC 1 & 2 I needed to be a week late before I got a +ve on a high st test

Ozziegirly Wed 23-Sep-09 07:14:25

Yes I did the test first thing.

My plan is to not test again until Saturday if AF still hasn't arrived by then. I may have gone mad by then though.

And yes josie, I wondered if it was in fact my body just getting into a real ovulatory cycle, which is possibly longer than the last few (tut - what a waste of all that bonking over the last few months.... smile )

Ah well. I don't really feel I am pregnant - I know those tests are really accurate. I'm just clutching at straws really.

BlueChampagne Wed 23-Sep-09 12:48:17

My first test lines were extremely faint. It can take a while for the HCG levels to build up in the body. I didn't 'feel' pregnant but was!

Otherwise, a lot of exercise can mess with your cycle.

Fingers crossed for you.

Ozziegirly Thu 24-Sep-09 00:13:35

Thanks for your messages - was false alarm and am now CD1.

Ah well, another month, another chance...

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