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anyone uses co-sleeper cot??

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biggernow Tue 22-Sep-09 16:55:12

hi there. DC 2 due in 7 weeks and still wondering whether to get a co-sleeping cot. Will have a moses basket for very early days but with DS I often felt a co-sleeping cot would have been such a godsend. I breastfed him for 14 months and for at least 8 of those a few times in night so it would have got me more rest- and he would have loved it too! They can become normal cots too......Anyone got any knowledge- I don't know anyone who has used one....Thanks.

ohfuschia Tue 22-Sep-09 17:13:59

Hi, we have got a cosleeping cot and although we haven't had it long I would recommend it. I had bought a hammock for my baby but he ended up spending 17 days in nicu with pneumonia and once we got him home I found I wanted him as close to me as possible. I did try with the hammock for a couple of nights, but like you say, with the breastfeeding I seem to be getting a lot more rest by being able to feed him and then put him down next to me, but in his own space, because he barely wakes up. I also wake up to his first hungry snuffles so it all seems to go more smoothly. I guess it wouldn't suit everyone but if you're already considering it I can't see how it would be a bad idea - like you say it converts to a normal cot anyway. Hth smile

e3chick Tue 22-Sep-09 18:50:33

I am very tight fisted and wanted to get a cot to see us through. So both my dds were in a cot bed that had a removable side and could be brought right up next to my bed. I have really thought this such a practical and cheap solution that I don'tknow why everyone doesn't do it. The baby has its own space but can be quickly & easily brought across for a breast feed, or you can soothe the baby with patting easily while you doze in the dark, or it can be a changing table for quick nighttime changes. Then the side can come back on and they will be in the same cot when it is time to move out of your room.

Some people might think they look too tiny to be in a cot bed when new born, but that hasn't really bothered me. I have never understood why anyone would use a moses basket. I just do not see the logic at all. I guess the cot bed option does require the bedroom floor space

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