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Did anyone have HcG levels taken in early pg?

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teuch Mon 06-Jun-05 15:13:31

hullo! I am about 7 weeks pg with #1 following a missed m/c in Feb 05.

Where I live they cannot offer an early scan which I don't mind so much since an early scan would not have picked up any problem with my last pg anyway as the baby died at 8 and a half weeks and was detected at 11 weeks.

I am going in next week to have blood taken to see if my HcG levels are doubling - anyone else taken this route?

busyalexsmummy Mon 06-Jun-05 20:40:20

yes, i had this done too when i had ds,they took them on a fri and on the monday rang through saying the levels were 3000, then took more bloods on the monday morning and rang with the result on the wednesday, saying they were satisfied with the results and that they were 7500. good luck, hope its all ok

shhhh Tue 07-Jun-05 17:40:53

I suffered x2 mc and following our recent pregnancy (just had a baby girl 3 weeks ago) prior to the scans I was given a hcg blood test at about 4 weeks. Blood taken on the thurs and again on sat. Should have been taken 48 hrs apart and levels should double (to mean positive/strong results) but was done at about 36 hrs apart and levels had more than doubled.
A good idea as it give you confidence that hormones are increasing as they should be in order to carry the pregnancy.

Mae1 Mon 13-Jun-05 12:51:32

I had this done at about 6 weeks as the medics feared an ectopic pregnancy due to me being in so much pain. Took blood 48 hours apart - results confirmed pregnancy and scan (external & internal) also confirmed baby positioned correctly. Went on to deliver 9lb 7oz girl!
Good luck!

smellymelly Mon 13-Jun-05 13:07:48

yes I had bloods taken as early scan was not conclusive... showed from the levels that I was having twins, about 15,000 at 5 weeks, and it almost doubled every 2 days. I had had a previous ectopic, so that is why they were checked.

They are now 6 months!!!

Good luck..

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