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I have obstetric cholestasis and will either have to be induced or have a c-sec. Worried about these procedures...

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LondonNinja Tue 22-Sep-09 12:01:42

The title says it all really. I spent last night (yes, all of it...) awake and most of yesterday crying with tiredness and worry.

The obstetric cholestasis itself makes me itch and feel generally rubbish, esp at night. I have taken piriton, but that hasn't knocked me out or got rid of the sensations of itching and prickling (I don't want to take too much, as I need to drive to hosp almost every day at the moment).

So, anyway, I saw an obstetrician yesterday, who said that induction was necessary (or early delivery). I have a past that means I doubt I will tolerate induction well – I had enough trouble having internal scans at 5/6 weeks! So, looks like I may have a c-sec.

I just wondered if any of you have had either procedure and how you found them.

Any words of reassurance much appreciated. I'm 35+5 BTW and they are talking of c-sec at 38+6 (cos they can't find an earlier theatre slot, brilliant, eh?)...

Mybox Tue 22-Sep-09 12:06:54

You must be tired out. Is there any other medications you could take? Must be difficult for you

MarkStretch Tue 22-Sep-09 12:11:59

I had an elective CS with my DS in feb and worried myself sick about it. I was terrified, thinking about every scenario, things that could go wrong etc.etc.

Everyone I spoke to on here said no to worry, that it's actually ok, and I just wanted to say that it really was ok. I didn't feel any pain, my recovery was brilliant and the CS itself was over and done with in 35 mins.

Please please try not to worry (easier said than done I know) but you are in the hands of professional people who know their stuff.

There's some good threads on here about what to pack in your hospital bag, what to expect recovering etc.

Good luck x

LondonNinja Tue 22-Sep-09 12:12:26

I'm going to ask today, Mybox. I hope so. I'm sooo tired and my skin just looks appalling.

LondonNinja Tue 22-Sep-09 12:13:36

MarkStretch, thank you, thank you. You have no idea how much it helps me to hear that x

LondonNinja Tue 22-Sep-09 12:17:07

PS: I am 36+5 not 35+5! Oops.

MarkStretch Tue 22-Sep-09 12:19:08

And I am a real wimp by the way wink

HeadFairy Tue 22-Sep-09 12:25:44

Sorry to hear that LondonNinja, I had planned cs at 39+1 for ds and had a very similar experience to MarkStretch.. really rather relaxed, theatre staff were lovely, chatted to the anaesthetist and cracked jokes while they were opening me up, cried and cuddled ds while they were closing me up, bf'd in recovery, was on my feet less than 24 hours later, walking perfectly fine within 48 hours, at home after 3 days and driving within two weeks.

I healed well, but made sure I looked after my scar, a couple of baths a day with tea tree oil and lavendar oil in, let it air loads, wore very high waisted underwear (hmmm lovely ) and took arnica before and after op to help minimise bruising.

Sorry you won't be getting the birth you'd choose, but your health and your dcs health are very important, and a planned cs isn't scary at all.

Mybox Tue 22-Sep-09 12:26:43

Only two weeks to go! Hope you're ok to get everything ready and also have a moment to sit down as well xx

liahgen Tue 22-Sep-09 13:10:18

london have they started you on Urso? It might relieve your symptoms

There is alot of conflicting evidence around at the mo about early induction for OC as there seems to be not that much higher risk of sudden SB now as was first thought.

(i've had oc 3 times now and been induced twice for it, first at 40 wks as was only discovered then and bile acids were through the roof and raising hourly, 2 nd time at 38+2 and laboured naturally and averagely, they say as the body needs to be rid of the baby to relieve you, you are more likely to be receptive to induction)

3rd time, went into labour naturally at 17 days early

Cat me if you'd like to chat further.

LondonNinja Wed 23-Sep-09 09:55:18

Thanks ladies.

I have just one week to go now (aaaagh) so off to buy big pants now wink

After another chat with my midwife (one of the best in the world, I would wager), I think a c-sec, for me, in my circs (long story re history) would be the least stressful way to get around the situation.

The think with OC is that it is a bit of an unknown quantity, so they are being cautious re early delivery. I'm 40, too, so I feel I don't want to take any extra risks.

Thanks again - will keep you posted x

greensnail Wed 23-Sep-09 10:09:38

Hi LondonNinja,

I had OC, and was induced at 36+6. The itching really is hideous, and makes you feel so awful doesn't it.

The Urso really did help for me, so do ask if you can have it if you're not already on it. Cover yourself in aqueous cream constantly (i kept mine in the fridge). Have lots of cool baths. I found putting a few drops of bio oil in the bath helped too. When I got really desperate with my itchy feet i used to rub them on one of those really scratchy doormats - absolute heaven

Luxmum Wed 23-Sep-09 10:36:11

I had an elective CS for DS1, as he had late diagnosed toxo, and an inducement for DS2, as he was 10 days late. Both procedures were fine, stress free, over v quickly, and generally, ok. CS took 20 minutes, i didnt feel anything, it was really quick and professionally done,and I was given Ds to hold etc. I am a wimp with the pain though, and found it really difficult to walk, even after a week. A neighbour healed like a dog and was walking within days, so it's really different for different people. Inducement was a pessary, so no needles or poking about. It took about 10 minutes to start, and I gave birth within 2 hours, so it was REALLY quick. DH had gone off to the local DIY centre, as the Dr and him thought I'd take to long to open. I had to get the nurses to call the blardy man to come as I was in the middle of giving birth... grin BUT I found that, and the birth sooo much easier to recover from, so I'm going to advise you try inducement, though obv what you choose is personal to you,a nd I dont know your history. But rest assured, both procedures are fine, no stress, calm and professionally handled. You will be fine.

LondonNinja Thu 24-Sep-09 17:02:51

Greensnail, yes, it's not much fun. Ugh. I wake in the night and have to put hydrocortisone on my hands – not ideal – but I really need to sleep!! You've reminded me that I need to get my aqueous cream from the doc – thanks smile The hosp prescribed piriton, which seems to take the edge off the mad itching.

Luxmum thanks for your words of reassurance. I think I am getting my head round the c-sec now. Much as I would like to try induction, for reasons I won't go into here, I think it will just be stressy (as does my midwife). I doubt I'd sleep a wink worrying about it, itching aside smile

Persephoponce Thu 24-Sep-09 17:12:39

Hi there.

Sorry to hear about the Oc sad

I didn't have OC with my first pregnancy, but went very overdue, had a failed induction and finally delivered by c-section at almost 43 weeks. It was a bit of a shock to the system and my recovery was fairly slow, both physically and emotionally, but looking at the bigger picture, it was actually pretty OK. The induction was thew horrible bit. It took forever, I was prodded and poked and examined constantly...and then it didn't even bloody well work! grin

I found out I had OC 33 weeks into my second pregnancy.
I totally sympathise with you re: the itching. I found it absolutely miserable. I could barely sleep with it and was exhausted all the time. My hospital had me come in regularly for liver function tests and when these started worsening drastically at around 37 weeks they decided to do an elective section. They wouldn't induce me because of my previous section and to be honest, by that stage, I was worried witless about my baby and just wanted her out (I had planned a VBAC up until then).

The elective was totally fine. It was wonderful, actually. The birth of my second chid was the happiest, most truly euphoric moment of my life. I recovered pretty quickly this time and my bloods were back to normal within a fortnight of the birth.

When do the hospital want to deliver your baby? Are you having regular check ups until then?

LondonNinja Thu 24-Sep-09 17:24:51

Hi Persephoponce

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences.

Gosh, poor you having to go through that failed induction – sorry to hear that. It sounds horrible – and just the kind of thing I would really struggle with, as it can be such an invasive thing.

I found out I had OC at 34 and a bit weeks. I'm 37 weeks today and they are giving me the c-sec next week. The itching is just awful – so much worse at night, isn't it? I can relate to the exhaustion... They've been giving me regular blood tests and CTGs, which show the enzymes rising – they have been doing so steadily and are not soaring at the mo (AFAIK). I'm back again tomorrow and on Mon.

At first, the hosp had no slots for an elective c-sec till nearly 39 weeks but my (amazing) MW and doc discussed the ins and outs of my situation and secured me a date pretty much at just under 38 weeks, which is better. I know what you mean about worrying yourself witless – I cried all night when I found out the worst case scenarios and was under the impression there was no capacity for the hosp to deliver baby early.

Persephoponce Thu 24-Sep-09 17:45:00

Definitely worst at night!

I had a similar situation to you at first. They told me they didnt have a slot available until 39+3, until I burst into tears and the midwife phoned the Consultant over the head of the Registrar who'd been dealing with my case (controversial!) and got him to agree to doing it at 38 weeks (then my bile levels went silly and my DD was delivered at 37+3 in the end).

I was so confused, as you hear such different things about OC and different hospitals treat it very differently.

Do you mind me asking where you're having your baby?

crumpette Thu 24-Sep-09 21:22:18

I had pre-eclampsia and OC in first pregnancy and was induced, at 40 weeks, as I had stupidly discharged myself when they tried to admit me at 37

I am now about 25 or 26 weeks and having itching at night again but it's early days so not sure if will have it again... thinking I will though, have been told will be induced between 37 and 39 weeks

An induction for me was not bad at all, it involved a gel being applied to my cervix, then my membranes were ruptured a few hours later artificially and without any further intervention she arrived on her own.

Equally I have heard people saying c-sections, especially elective ones, are often fine, you are awake throughout, it is very fast and all you feel is someone rummaging in your tummy.

Good luck! I have to say if youre in London Kings are excellent for this and St Thomas's were good for me last time, so if you're at either you are in good hands. UCLH also has excellent reputation

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