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metacloprimide side effects

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Bexybear Mon 21-Sep-09 22:11:29

just been prescibed this anti nausea/sickness drug as cyclizine didnt work -

The side effects (according to packet and also GPs description) look nasty - i.e. twitching and shaking requiring a trip to A and E for a jab - being just one of the delights

Also not sure its worth me taking it as i dont have HG i.e. dont throw up - just feel like im about to all the fecking time ...and barely able to leave the house

Wish i'd asked the doctor more questions but the nausea gets in the way of normal brain functioning... sad Any one else got any experience of it, positive or negative, before i throw caution to the wind and open the packet?

Bexybear Tue 22-Sep-09 17:31:22


maggiemoon Tue 22-Sep-09 17:35:38

ive taken it with no adverse side effects.

I think if your nausea is affecting your quality of life as it obviously is (as youre barely able to leave the house), I would say it IS worth taking.

I had severe HG but rather than the constant vomiting, it was the dizzy nausea that nearly sent me insane!

My advice would be to give it a go.

Bexybear Wed 23-Sep-09 20:29:53

thanks maggiemoon -dizzy nausea sounds awful. Did that mean being laid flat all the time?

I've been trying other options before i go for it with Metaclop. Acupuncture worked for a few brief hours! been taking cyclizine again as symptoms changed slightly a few days ago (nausea and exhastion reduced and replaced by wanting to gag all the time! sorry TMI) and it seems to work better now...

but last time nausea went on till around 28 weeks so i will give metacoprimide a go when all my current strategies stop working!

Ewe Wed 23-Sep-09 20:31:41

I take Meta on a daily basis for a gastro problem (including when pregnant) and I haven't suffered any side effects at all.

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